These Women Are Spreading Kindness to Pets of the Homeless

Lori and Shira Rich have made it their mission to spread kindness to the homeless and their pets. The desire to devote their time and resources to those less fortunate stemmed from Shira’s concern in March 2012 for the homeless pets and the people that care for them. For many these animals are the only unconditional love and loyalty they receive. Their furry friends give them companionship while also helping them learn about responsibility.

Lori and Shira have stayed true to their grassroots effort by starting their nonprofit Taking It To the Streets. This mother daughter duo travels around Riverside, CA giving love, attention, and dog treats to the stray dogs in their community. They also raise money to spay, neuter, vaccinate, microchip and provide stray dogs with the care and concern they need to enrich the lives of those in need while reducing the street dog population.

Sometimes the best solution to a problem isn’t changing, but to accept and care for the less fortunate, and the ones they love.

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