Woman Starts ‘100 Days Without Fear’ Challenge To Live Her Life To The Fullest

This woman is my new idol!

Michelle stumbled upon a ‘100 Days Without Fear’ Challenge and for a sake of living life to the fullest she decided to accept it. The rules are simple – every day do one thing that scares you. She made a list of all things that scares her, from small things like leaving her phone at home to big ones like quitting her job and documented her way through the whole challenge.

See how her ‘Dance like no ones watching’ day went in a video below.

Here’s what she said about this experience:

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What’s the challenge?

To dance like no one’s watching in a public place.

What are you afraid of?

People thinking I’m completely insane.

How was the experience?

Let me tell you that this was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. I honestly never felt so good, comfortable and confident. You must do this at least once in your life! Sounds super silly and you’re thinking “no freaking way,” but I swear it is sooo worth it.
PS: Put your headphones on! Once you take them off you’ll feel pretty silly dancing by yourself with no music whatsoever, but as long as they are in your ears this will be the best experience ever. I promise. I tried it both ways, makes a huge difference. I love dancing more than anything but I never go dancing so I dance with my mirror most of the times. From now on you’ll find me dancing everywhere 😉 Beware!


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