Wildlife Park Celebrates First Wolf Cubs Birth In 47 Years

Cotswold Wildife Park is celebrating the birth of a litter of five Eurasian wolf cubs. What makes this celebration even more special is the fact that they are the first to be born at the park in its 47-year history!

The parents are two-year-old Ash and three-year old Ember who are also quite new in the park. They were both brought over from Sweden in October 2016 and have surprised everyone how quickly they fell in love.

Wolves generally pair for life and so it can take a long time to bond, plus females only come into season once a year between January and March.

For the first ten days of their lives, cubs were hidden from sight in an underground den. But after a heavy downpour of rain, Ember brought her cubs above the ground for safety giving us a chance to enjoy their cuteness.

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