Wheelchair Tennis Champion David Wagner Serves Up Aces & Inspiration

One day in 1995, David Wagner broke his neck in a freak accident at the beach. His life was then changed forever — paralyzed from the mid-chest down and with limited feeling in his hands, David started a rehab program which included playing table tennis. Realizing he had a special talent with a racquet, David began playing competitive tennis in 1999. Equipped with a degree in Elementary Education from Walla Walla University, in 2001 David had to make a choice: play tennis full time or teach full time. After choosing tennis, David became the number 1-ranked quad wheelchair tennis player in the world, won 6 medals at the Paralympic Games (2 of them gold), and his first Grand Slam US Open win in 2010. Off the court, Wagner is a speaker to provide inspiration to other athletes and the disabled.

Check out this motivational video to learn more about his story and find out what tennis means to him!

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