This amazing toothpick art structure took 3000 hours over 37 years to build!

I came across this video on “The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made” and I thought it was so inspiring I just had to share.

Scott Weaver works in a grocery store as a retail clerk, but his real love is art and being creative.

His toothpick sculpture of San Francisco, which he calls “Rolling Through The Bay”, is 9 feet tall and took over 100,000 toothpicks to make. It features many of the sights found in San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and the famous homes of Alamo Square.

He’s even designed in multiple pathways for ping pong balls to travel through the sculpture, and gives guided tours to kids at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where it’s on display.

Scott was taught by his 4th grade teacher how to make toothpick models, and now he hopes to inspire kids to use their hands and be creative.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to create incredible works of art and inspire your local community, and this amazing story from Scott goes to prove it:

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