This Story Proves That One Person Can Make A Difference!

Once in a while, a story comes along that just begs to be shared with the world. This is one of those stories.

Rebecca Kirtman was in the spring of her freshman year in high school. Inspired by an article she read about girls who sent their old dresses to a school with low-income students, she decided to help those in her own community. Feeling that every girl deserved the chance to go to their prom, she launched a drive to provide a free dress for those who couldn’t afford one. Becca’s Closet was formed, and over the next two years, she helped countless girls to attend their prom.
Rebecca never made it to her own prom. She was killed in a car accident on August 20, 2003 — but Becca’s Closet lives on. An organization that is now in over 34 states, it proves that one person can make a difference! You will be so moved by this beautiful tribute to an incredible girl.

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