This Kindness Experiment Will Show You A Real Truth About The Londoners

If you saw an old lady struggling with a heavy bag, would you offer to help? Would you stop in the street and help someone who had dropped their groceries, or wake up a stranger on a bus to alert them that their stop was coming up? In this day and age, kind acts such as these seem like a rare occurrence. People are struggling right before our very eyes, but often, we don’t see it!

Recently, Action Productions did a short kindness experiment on the people of London, to see if people would actually help in the types of situations previously listed. This experiment had a hilarious twist, transforming the flash mobs we know and love into kindness mobs! When a stranger stopped to help someone in need, they were rewarded with a wonderful musical treat — I’m willing to bet, those people probably had a smile on their face for the rest of the day.

Although not all kind deeds are rewarded with a kindness mob, the feeling you get when you help someone can not be matched! An act of kindness doesn’t just brighten your day, but the person you’re helping too!

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