The Truth About Growing Up

Growing up can be really scary. You wake up one day and realize that you’re no longer a child, or even a careless teen and you can’t claim being in college anymore either. You live on your own, making your own choices and you’re pretty much a full-fledged adult. It’s a terrifying realization.

We all deal with adulthood the best we know, and we often feel like we’re failing it. But the real truth is – there is no right or wrong. It’s your life, you can do whatever you want and most important – you should enjoy every single minute of that journey.

“I am growing up. And while I do have to learn how to take care of myself on my own (aka adulting) I know I never want to lose my inner “Kid Sonia.” Things like going to the dentist or having food in the fridge don’t just happen — you have to actually do them. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t get a little silly while doing these adulting things ;)”

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