The $1 Flight to Nowhere Is a Story You Just Can’t Miss

On the outskirts of New Delhi people eagerly take their seats on this plane. With people flying all around the world every day in normal stories this wouldn’t be anything unusual. But this specific plane is actually going – nowhere.

The owner of this unique plane is Bahadur Chand Gupta, a retired aircraft engineer. Bahadur is coming from a small village where most traveling is done by foot or bike and most villagers have never even seen a plane. Whenever he would come home from work his neighbors would ask him all kind of questions about his job and most of them wanted to see that big metal flying thing. Then he realized how difficult it is to see an aircraft for a poor man.

Once he got retired Bahadur decided to sell his land and buy a decommissioned plane. Not to fly anywhere, but to give an opportunity to children and those who might never afford taking a real flight to experience being on a plane. Soon his plane got a nickname the $1 Flight to Nowhere  and he’s been putting smiles on people’s faces with it ever since.

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