Teen Gets Surprised By His Dad During Emotional BGT Audition

Talent shows are all about great heartwarming stories, and this is one of those.

Reuben Gray is 16-year-old singer and songwriter. He does a pretty good job and is performing a lot. He also has a very special bond with his father who is his biggest fan. Although his dad is only home 3 months out of the year, he never misses Reuben’s shows. Yet, nobody was sure if dad would make it to Ruben’s biggest performance ever.

He was auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent and would be performing his original song “Lifeline,” which is about his girlfriend who was in the audience along with his mother.

However, dad was missing.

“I don’t feel like it’s right without him being here,” Reuben said. “The first thing I’m gonna do if I do well is give him a call.”

Well, he ended up not having to make that call. Not because he didn’t make it to the next round, but because his dad surprised him. He was shocked when his dad stood up in the audience.

“I didn’t think he was here,” Reuben said almost in tears. “I thought he was working. He works away from home a lot, but whenever I play anywhere he’ll always come.”


Reuben wowed the entire audience and each of the judges with his piano and vocal talents. His mom was in tears and his father was singing along the entire time, while the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

More than 5 million people have viewed Reuben’s impressive performance and were heart warmed by his reunion with his father. You can check it out in a video below.

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