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The Most Romantic Job You Could Ever Have

When you hear the word “romance,” what comes to mind? Roses, chocolates, or Venetian love among other things all represent romance and loving one another. At La Gondola Providence in Providence, Rhode Island, romance is closer than you’d think! As a full-time gondolier, Matt takes us through the historic city of Providence to talk about […]

Did You Know Only 12 People In The World Can Do This

In the past, becoming a master penman was a huge deal. People paid to go to school to earn the title, and was considered a very useful talent to have. Today, there are only 12 master penmen in the entire world. Jake Weidmann is one of them. He has been practicing his calligraphy since he was in grade […]

Japanese Cleaning Crew Clean Bullet Train In Just 7 Minutes

The Japanese are renown around the world for their diligence and efficiency. These traits can be found in the Japanese culture in nearly everything they do, even cleaning a train. Dateline Tokyo journalist Charli James got to go behind the scenes to see how the maintenance crew cleans one of Japan’s famous super fast bullet […]

Funky Flight Attendant Is The Best flight attendant ever!

Everyone is getting their groove on to the new hit single Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Charlie Sierra‘s sister is a flight attendant, but she did more than just serve her guests on one flight. Before takeoff, she entertained the passengers with a quick dance to the catchy, funky song. Best flight […]

These People Have An Amazing Speed!

Don’t you just love when you’re at the supermarket and your clerk is super fast and organized when checking your purchases out? YouTube channel People are Awesome sifted through the Web to find the fastest, quickest, and speediest workers they could find and jammed packed the best into this new video.

Welsh Town’s First Official Jester in 700 Years

The Welsh town of Conwy has appointed its first official jester in 700 years. After making him juggle daggers blindfolded and woo residents with snazzy tricks, Russel Erwood, 34, was named the “Erwyd le Fol,” He has some very antiquated shoes to fill. The town’s previous jester — Tom le Fol — was appointed by […]