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Surprise Wedding Dance Footloose

Trent and Annalisa Brookshier decided to do something special for their guests during their first wedding dance. Tradition says that the first dance should be rather slow, intimate and emotional and that’s just how these newlyweds started their wedding party. But they also wanted to make sure their dance together would be just as memorable […]

Check Out This Emotional Flash Mob Proposal

James wanted to surprise his partner Luke with an amazing proposal so he asked TopSecret for help. Together they created a plan for James to propose his partner using the piano at St.Pancras station. With the help of professional musicians and James’ and Luke’s friends and family they created a romantic scenario which left Luke speechless. Just […]

Tim McGraw Gives Bride Ultimate Wedding Day Surprise

One of the most perfect songs for father-daughter dance is definitely Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl”.  Just listen at those lyrics! When Lisa and her dad were picking a song for their dance, they didn’t have to think twice. They knew this is the most perfect song for them. But Lisa’s dad had even bigger plans […]

Little Flower Girl Adorably Runs In The Background During Wedding Ceremony

The moment when the bride and groom are reciting their vows and promising to only have each other is one of the most dramatic and emotional parts of a wedding. But right at that moment, one little flower girl ran in the background, chased by her apparent guardian. Even the priest couldn’t help but say, […]

Magician Proposes To Girlfriend With Magic Trick

When you’re a magician you can’t just propose to your girlfriend in a regular, boring way. You are basically expected to incorporate some of your tricks into the proposal. Magician Neil Henry did just that. During a show, he asked his girlfriend to come on stage with him to act as his assistant in a […]

Students Flashmob A Wedding Ceremony

Shannon and Rick and their guests were enjoying a seemingly normal wedding in St. John’s Church in Niagara Falls. Without the knowledge of Rick or any of their guests, Shannon had organized 15 students and their parents from the Music Depot to come and sit hidden in the audience. The groom and the guests were […]

Bride And Groom Perform Stunning Dance To ‘Spell On You’

Justin and Jill Willman performed a gorgeous dance to the classic hit song I Put a Spell on You. Simply stunning. If you can manage to take your eyes off Jillian, check out groom’s dad’s reaction to the ‘big move’ at the end. Priceless!

This Bride’s Surprise For Her Husband-To-Be Will Give You Goosebumps

We’ve seen all kind of wedding videos already. But every time I start to think it’s safe to say I’ve seen it all, a new wedding video appears and strikes the right cord in my heart, leaving me speechless once again. And this is one of those videos. Bride Arianna Dubovik wanted to surprise her guests and […]

That was too cute! Loved the whole performance, awesome couple!

They wanted to do something special to entertain and thank their guests for coming to the wedding. So instead of anything their guests have seen before, they decided to write and perform a wedding rap as their first dance. Absolutely FANTASTIC!

Puppies Deliver Best Marriage Proposal

Watch how this young man enlisted the help of 3 adorable pups to propose to his long time girlfriend! His girlfriend goes crazy for every puppy she sees, but can never spend too much time with them due to her allergy. So he came up with a brilliant proposal idea. How can you ever say no […]

Could This Be The Most Epic Proposal Ever?

This Star Wars fan got really creative when proposing to his girlfriend! Both Ian and Lizzy are huge fans of sci-fi movies, especially Lords of the Rings and Star Wars so it’s no surprise Ian decided to propose using those two films. He has her sit in a chair in the middle of a field […]

Maid Of Honor Gives The Best Speech Ever

Hayley O’Brien was thrilled to be her little sister’s maid of honor. But when it came time for her maid of honor speech, she was a little stumped on how to make it special. Since her little sister is all about music she wanted to give her a music speech, but Hayley can’t sing and […]

This Young Couple Just Received Amazing Wedding News And You’ll Never Guess Who It’s From

Joel Burger and Ashley King first met in elementary school, where kids stuck them with the joint nickname “Burger King.” Unable to shake the name, they decided to embrace it. Now engaged to be married, the funny couple decided to reach out to Burger King, hoping the fast food chain would help them with some […]

Family had no idea they are part of the wedding proposal

Australian independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs may have turned his lens on a variety of subjects, but he never made a video about his girlfriend, Bethia De Groot. When he decided to propose, Triggs knew a video was the answer. For their five-year anniversary, Triggs filmed their family and friends passing an imaginary item — he […]

His New Bride Thinks She Knows The Surprise, But Then She Looks Behind Him…

Tom Fletcher was absolutely thrilled to be marrying Giovanna, the woman of his dreams. However, the wedding speech made him more nervous than anything he’d ever experienced before. Tom considers himself “useless” at public speaking, so he came up with an amazing solution…

Little Girl Adorably Explains The Rules Of Being Flower Girl To Dad

This young lady is becoming an Internet star. JoJo Lomelino was chosen as a flowergirl at a recent wedding and she wanted to make sure that no one would be ruining her big moment, not ever her own father. She explains her dad what behavior is expected and not expected at a wedding and she’s way too adorable! “Dad, you can’t call […]