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The $1 Flight to Nowhere Is a Story You Just Can’t Miss

On the outskirts of New Delhi people eagerly take their seats on this plane. With people flying all around the world every day in normal stories this wouldn’t be anything unusual. But this specific plane is actually going – nowhere. The owner of this unique plane is Bahadur Chand Gupta, a retired aircraft engineer. Bahadur is […]

He Travels The World And Documents Each Place He Visits. This Man Is The Unofficial Selfie King!

Alex Chacon, the #EpicSelfieGuy does it again creating the most Epic, Crazy, Interesting, Dangerous, and Amazing Selfie in the World. He took the “Most Epic Selfie of 2014” according to CBS News and does it again in 2015 with this Part II on his 3 Year Around the World Motorcycle Expedition!

There Is A Village Designed For Foxes And It’s Simply Amazing

foxes dreamworld

If you love foxes, then you’re in for a huge treat — because the place you’re about to virtually visit will be your new dreamworld. In the mountains of Shiroishi, Japan lies Zao Fox Village. Here, nearly 100 foxes of six different types roam the grounds freely and enjoy customized structures, houses, and objects designed […]

This Airline Has The Best Lost and Found Strategy. Find Out Why.

KLM Airlines found a genius way to reunite people with their lost items using an adorable dog to track the owners down. Although there are some news outlets claiming it’s just a commercial and it isn’t true, we love it anyway. Judge for yourself.

Funky Flight Attendant Is The Best flight attendant ever!

Everyone is getting their groove on to the new hit single Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Charlie Sierra‘s sister is a flight attendant, but she did more than just serve her guests on one flight. Before takeoff, she entertained the passengers with a quick dance to the catchy, funky song. Best flight […]

Epic journey through 2015 from high up in the sky to deep below the sea and everything in-between will take your breath away

2015 sure went by fast. We’ve seen countless amazing images and viral videos over the past twelve months and without any doubt, some of the coolest videos are the ones taken on GoPro cameras. Here are the best of the best.

New Year’s Fireworks Over Lima Are Pure Magic

Don’t know about you, but I just can’t imagine New Year’s eve without fireworks. Every New Year, there are a couple videos showcasing fireworks from all around the world that stand out from the crowd. This one, from Lima in Peru is definitely one of them. Jeff Cremer had the opportunity to pilot his drone 200 meters high […]

See Twin Strangers Meet For the First Time

Did you know that there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you? Twin Strangers, a social networking site committed to finding people’s twins all around the world is on a quest to prove this claim. Whole system is quite simple – you upload your picture and the site does the rest. […]

When There’s A Piano On The Street, Amazing Things Happen

piano street

Music is used the world round to show emotion ~ joy, pain, sorrow, anger, love ~ it is a language everyone understands. Last spring the city council installed a piano for passersby and travelers to play and enjoy at a train station in Paris. While one man was playing the piano another traveler walked by […]

The Amazing Art of Bread Baking in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, bread is still baked in a beautiful, traditional way at Shamsullo Dustov’s house in Kumsangir—just 30 miles from the Afghan border. Much of the surrounding land is nonarable, so the homemade bread makes up a large part of peoples’ average daily caloric intake. Watch the process unfold in John Wendle’s short piece.

This Friendly Puffer Fish Just Wants To Get Pet

When a group of scuba divers were visiting the beautiful waters of Hawaii, they had no idea they were about to meet one of the most curious fish in the world! This adorable puffer fish just had to come, say hello, check what’s going on in his neighborhood and ask for a head scratch. Who could […]

Spectacular Dog Tricks Across North America!

Hero, the adorable border collie was only 4 months old when he became famous winning the title of the “World’s Youngest Champion Trick Dog.” After numerous TV shows and performances in the home town, Hero and his human Sara decided it’s time for even greater adventure, a road trip all across America. See how much […]

This man quit his job and decided to spend 3 years on the road. His memories will leave you speechless!

Many people dream about it, but Walter Chang actually had the guts to do it. He made the decision six years ago to start saving up for the adventure of a lifetime. He made plans to take a three month break and travel to Asia. This idea slowly transitioned into a one year break, traveling to […]

Hilarious Westjet Flight Attendant Safety Demo Leaves Passengers In Stitches

Is this the most entertaining pre-flight safety routine ever? The safety demonstration is often ignored by frequent fliers – but one flight attendant has been filmed giving an unmissable one. He spiced things up in the aisle in dramatic fashion, wildly acting out the safety requirements to resounding laughter and applause. Delighted passengers watched as […]

Island from plastic bottles

A floating artificial island built in Mexico by British artist Richart “Rishi” Sowa. He’s first Island was destroyed by a hurricane in 2005; a replacement, Joyxee Island, has been open for tours since 2008. In the waters of Isla Mujeres, the “Island of Women”, near Cancun. It opened for tours in August, 2008. The new […]

This Family Is Just Walking On Normal Beach Sand. Then? OMG!

Vacations are all about having fun, and this family definitely know how to do that. While walking across the sand, they started to feel like they were sinking into it a bit more than usual. So what do you do when you feel like you might be walking on a strange, quicksand-like substance along Lake […]

Can you imagine a city where all people live and work in one building?

Whittier, Alaska, is a sleepy town on the west side of Prince William Sound, tucked between picturesque mountains. In case you’re imagining idyllic little city, you’re wrong. The town has roughly 200 residents, and nearly all of them live in a single building, a 14-story former Army barracks on the edge of town. Erika Thompson teaches grade […]

This Airline Has The Best Lost and Found Strategy. Find Out Why.

KLM Airlines found a genius way to reunite people with their lost items using an adorable dog to track the owners down. Although there are some news outlets claiming it’s just a commercial and it isn’t true, we love it anyway. Judge for yourself. From KLM Lost and Found team: “Yes, it’s a lot of […]

Elephants Make Yearly Trip Through Hotel To Eat Mangos

When it comes to elephants and their food – nothing stands in the way. Not even a hotel. Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia happens to have been built next to a mango tree owned by a family of elephants. Generations have been visiting this tree every year when the fruit ripens. After the hotel was built […]

Abandoned stable becomes off-grid, luxurious family dream home

Can you imagine living in a stable? I guess your first response was big no, but once you see how great a transformed stable looks, you will want one too. Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino were looking for a country home all over the Spain and they stumbled upon an abandoned stable in rural part of the […]