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How To Make Foam Dough

If you need to quickly entertain your kids, or just relive your childhood with some awesome tactile molding goodness, this project is perfect for you. Foam dough is quite simple thing to make. All you need is shaving cream, corn starch, and a bowl. And food coloring, if you want to make it more fun. […]

Hot Wheels Are Better Than A Roller Coaster Ride!

Every kid loves playing with Hot Wheels toy cars. Building intricate and complex tracks for the tiny plastic cars is half the fun. That gave 5MadMovieMakers an awesome idea. So they build an epic track, attached a camera to a Hot Wheels car, and let it loose. The resulting video is better than a roller […]

Fun Lego Life Hacks

Everyone loves Legos, but there’s more you can do with the famous plastic bricks than just build toys. There’s so many useful household items you can make with an old Lego collection you have lying in your basement. Device holders, table protectors and coasters.. You can even make a board game! Here are 9 extremely useful […]

Lawyer Quits To Become Master Lego Sculptor

Sadly, most of us at best can simply get through the day at work, while many passionately hate their job. Nathan Sawaya didn’t hate his job per say, but he was quickly becoming tired of the corporate law he practiced in New York City. After work, he would often take up art to relax. After […]