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A world-first: Chinese scientists prepare to totally eliminate Malaria!

Malaria is a common disease that infests many nations. It’s borne by mosquitos and is notoriously hard to eradicate. But the great news is that advancements in science and medicine in China are helping to eradicate Malaria for good. Could this be the beginning of the end for Malaria world wide? Let’s hope so.

Unbelievable Bus Stop Adds Amazing Special Effects To Real Life

To promote their product, Pepsi Max UK modified a busy bus stop in England like never before. One glass wall was replaced with a digital giant screen. The screen appeared as a glass window, but just when travelers least expected it, amazing special effects would be added to real life! It looked as if aliens, […]

Blind Man’s Reaction To Seeing His Family Is Absolutely Beautiful

Our sight is one of those things we often take for granted and we often don’t realize how precious it really is. Gene Purdie was labeled legally blind 15 years ago. He was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease and his hopes of being able to see again were almost none. His family learned to live with […]

Meet Kuri – An Adorable Wandering Security Cam

Imagine if you had a cartoon character roaming your floors, watching your kids and telling them stories — that’s Kuri. Reporting from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mashable introduced us to Kuri, who we fell in love with immediately. It’s basically a cat that you can control and at least pretends to […]

First Grader Makes Ok Go Rube Goldberg Machine

Audri is a budding scientist and made his very own Rube Goldberg Machine. He accurately explains that an RG Machine is a complex machine that performs a simple task. Audri’s machine is especially impressive as he is only in the first grader. Appropriately, he plays OK Go while running and testing his machine.

Epic Rube Goldberg Machine Just To Turn A Page

The whole point of a Rube Goldberg Machine is to complete as many complex tasks as possible only for the end result to be a simple undertaking by itself. Joseph Herscher shows us the epitome of a true RGM by using one in an everyday life situation — just to turn the page of his […]

The Pixel Painter

Ninety-seven year old Grandpa Hal Lasko has been working in graphic design ever since it was entirely done by hand. Long after he retired, his family introduced him to the classic Microsoft Paint. Ever since then, he spends around ten hours a day creating collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art one pixel at a time. […]

12-Yr-Old Girl Develops ‘Timeless’ App To Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia among older people. It strikes an estimated 1 in 10 people over age 65. While dementia doesn’t hurt affected people, it’s an extremely painful experience for families and friends as their loved one lose memory of everything and everyone they know and care for. Emma Yang […]

World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage

It’s hard to find anyone who actually enjoys going to the airport. The crowds, the lines, the security, it’s a nightmare! Modobag is hoping to make the experience a little more enjoyable by bringing a motorized suitcase to the market place. Now, would you rather walk, or run, to your flight, or ride?! The answer […]

Epic Drone Race At Night Is A Real Life Racing Video Game

It’s truly amazing how much drones have advanced in just the past couple years. Already, many enthusiasts are starting drone racing teams. Sounds kind of boring? Not at all. With added CGI, GoPro shows how awesome drone racing at night can be with this footage from the Phoenix Cup. This is the future of racing!

Everyone Is Playing Pokemon Go

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo’s Pokemon is finally available at the App store. It’s an augmented reality game where players must catch digital Pokemon in the real world. Incredibly, Nintendo has managed to get a generation of young people outside in the fresh air to play their newest game. Chase Levin realized he wasn’t […]

Mechanic Invents Rube Goldberg Style Breakfast Making Machine

They say in only a few years we will have robots in our kitchens that can help us cook. But 69 year old British inventor doesn’t have that much time to waste, so he decided to make his own Rube Goldberg Style breakfast making machine. It’s reminiscent of the ice machine Doc Brown made in […]

Grandma Tries Virtual Reality For The First Time

Back in the 90’s, gamers got a taste of virtual reality. But it was just plain awful. Finally, modern technology has caught up to our VR dreams. So how good is modern VR? Lucy and Kate had their grandma try out a Jurassic Park clip on their smartphone virtual reality headset. Her reaction? Priceless!

Team Of Experts Works Tirelessly To Give An Eagle A Brand New Beak

Beauty the bald eagle was shot in the face by a poacher in 2005, damaging her beak so badly she was on track to be euthanized. But scientists, engineers, and even a dentist designed a nylon polymer beak using a 3-D modeling program that would perfectly replace her lost upper mandible. After a 3-D printer […]