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How To Make A Tiny Motorboat From A Juice Carton

Now that the kids are out of school they will most likely sit inside on the computer all day like the rest of us adults. But if you’re interested in at least trying to get the kids outside this summer, here’s a very cool and simple arts and crafts project to make a tiny toy […]

Cliff Diving Monkeys

Have you ever seen cliff diving monkeys? TransumOrg has. While in Thailand, the camera-person was able to record monkeys jumping into the sea at Khao Takiab, Hua Hin off of a large rock. Some hypothesize that the monkeys are fishing. Others believe they are simply cooling off and having fun in the same fashion we […]

Humpback Whales Breaching Surprises Kayakers

We humans have a special affinity for whales. Even though they seem to be so different from us, they are also mammals with large brains. There seems to be a connection between us. And it’s always exciting to see whales breaching the ocean water. But one whale got a little too close for these kayakers […]

Sea Lion Swims Onto Back Of Moving Boat For A Bite Of Fish

Tony Pescho and his boating friends witnessed an amazing scene while speeding along in their speed boat. Swimming behind them was a quite large sea lion. Somehow, the sea lion was able to keep up with them. After a while they decided to open the backdoor to their boat, and the sea lion jumped on […]

Family Of Bears Take Over Backyard Swimming Pool

Most people don’t realize just how close bears live to society. One New Jersey family found this out when they looked in their backyard and found a mama black bear with her cubs literally playing in their swimming pool! If you’d like to see more of this happy family, here are two more parts:

Raccoon Goes Swimming, The Other Tries To Pull Him Out

So apparently, raccoon paws are pretty close to hands. In this precious viral video captured by Vicki Coppen, two raccoons go for a swim in a swimming pool. Well, one raccoon goes swimming. The other desperately tries to pull the swimmer out of the water with his hand-like paws. So cute!

Cooking Steaks & Baking Cookies in the Arizona Summer

It’s no surprise that it gets hot in Arizona in the summer. It is of course the desert. But the southwest state is currently experiencing a unique heat wave with temperatures regularly over 110 degrees. Cooking a steak on the street and baking cookies in an exotic car! This is what Arizona summers are all […]

Seal Jumps On Guy’s Boat And Makes A Friend

Who doesn’t love seals? They’re basically just dogs who live in the water. One lucky boater had the amazing opportunity to play with one when he or she literally jumped out from the cold waters onto his boat. The cute creature ended up cuddling with the man long enough for him to record this precious video.

This Friendly Puffer Fish Just Wants To Get Pet

When a group of scuba divers were visiting the beautiful waters of Hawaii, they had no idea they were about to meet one of the most curious fish in the world! This adorable puffer fish just had to come, say hello, check what’s going on in his neighborhood and ask for a head scratch. Who could […]