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Dogs Who Love Water

Watch as these dogs show us just how much they love water. We dare you to have a better time than a dog charging down a water slide. Can you find more zen than a pit bull taking a candle-lit bath? Either way, the dogs in this video will make you want to stop what […]

How To Make A Tiny Motorboat From A Juice Carton

Now that the kids are out of school they will most likely sit inside on the computer all day like the rest of us adults. But if you’re interested in at least trying to get the kids outside this summer, here’s a very cool and simple arts and crafts project to make a tiny toy […]

Surfing With Dolphins At St. Pete Beach, Florida

You’ve probably heard of swimming with dolphins, but surfing with dolphins? While surfing off the coast of St. Pete Beach, Florida, this surfer had the special once in a life time opportunity to surf side-by-side with some dolphins. Wow!