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Inspiring Story Of A Brave And Passionate Deaf Musician That Will Melt Your Heart

What an incredible story of passion and persistence. This deaf musician blew away the judges and the crowd and had my eyes watering. A truly heart-warming example of the human spirit. Wishing her all the very best, and sending a big thank you for setting a great example for us.

The Most Romantic Job You Could Ever Have

When you hear the word “romance,” what comes to mind? Roses, chocolates, or Venetian love among other things all represent romance and loving one another. At La Gondola Providence in Providence, Rhode Island, romance is closer than you’d think! As a full-time gondolier, Matt takes us through the historic city of Providence to talk about […]

Starbucks’ Attorney Leaves Boardroom To Follow Musical Dreams

This former Starbucks’ attorney stopped at nothing to follow her dreams! Paula Boggs is not only a Starbucks executive but also an Army Airborne veteran who decided to trade in her incredibly successful career with Starbucks to pursue her passion in music. Paula started her career in ARMY ROTC in college, continuing on into the […]

Disabled Skier On Sit Ski Performs Backflip

Professional skier, Josh Dueck, broke his back in 2004 when a skiing backflip went horribly wrong. But even after becoming paraplegic, the sportsman wouldn’t give up on his passion for skiing. For eight long years, Josh has been practicing and building up his skills using a sit ski. Now he is ready to revisit the […]

First Woman EVER to Wheelchair Backflip!

This is one for the history books: Katherine Beattie, the first woman to do a wheelchair backflip. After years struggling to get a wheelchair made for athletes, Katherine has finally been able to push the boundaries of sport in adaptive skateboarding. Trailblazing in a sport means lots of falls, experimentation, and setbacks. Yet, Katherine has […]

Artist PAINTS Without SIGHT

John Bramblitt is an award winning, internationally recognized painter, whose work is displayed in over 30 countries. Also, John is blind. After losing his sight, John developed a new way to share his vision by using touch, music, and emotion to paint stunningly colorful works of art. For those who thought that painting was only […]

Dad Built An Awesome Ninja Warrior Course For His Daughter

Lylah is only five years old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t already start training for American Ninja Warrior. She’s been a fan of the athletic competition show for a while so her father decided to help her out. He built her the most amazing training course in their backyard for Lylah to climb. The video […]

Coldstone Ice Cream Server Will Blow You Away With His Tricks

Not only does this Coldstone ice cream store in Doha, Qatar serve you delicious, creamy ice cream, but they also give you a free show. One server has decided to take his job very seriously, and now has mastered the art of juggling and tossing the ice cream before he serves it to customers.

Girl With Multiple Sclerosis Is One Of The Best Runners In America And Will Inspire You

Fourteen year old Kayla Montgomery was playing soccer when she noticed something wasn’t right with her legs. She started feeling a weird tingling feeling, and was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a serious autoimmune nerve disease. There is no cure. But that didn’t stop Kayla from becoming one of America’s top long distance runners. Her […]

Lawyer Quits To Become Master Lego Sculptor

Sadly, most of us at best can simply get through the day at work, while many passionately hate their job. Nathan Sawaya didn’t hate his job per say, but he was quickly becoming tired of the corporate law he practiced in New York City. After work, he would often take up art to relax. After […]

Did You Know Only 12 People In The World Can Do This

In the past, becoming a master penman was a huge deal. People paid to go to school to earn the title, and was considered a very useful talent to have. Today, there are only 12 master penmen in the entire world. Jake Weidmann is one of them. He has been practicing his calligraphy since he was in grade […]

Watch this unbelievable, two-year dance journey! I’m SPEECHLESS!

You’re never too old to learn something new — just ask YouTuber Neiland. He dreamed of becoming a dancer since he was a young child listening to Michael Jackson‘s music. He finally started his dance journey two years ago without any professional instruction.

Here’s What Happens When You Let Internet Plan Your Cross-Country Road Trip

Here’s a nice story: Last summer Daniel Altman decided to quit his job and travel the country. After he posted his decision on Reddit he met Benson Quach, a guy who agreed to travel with him and be his cameraman. They didn’t really have a plan so they did the most logic thing to do – when […]

This Is A Real Proof That It Is Possible To Turn Your Passion Into A Career!

All children like to impersonate their favorite television and movie characters. It’s natural. Usually, as we grow up, this hobby fades away. However, Sarah Ingle never let her passion get away from her. In fact, she has taken Disney princess impersonations to an entirely new level. She’s gotten so good at her transformations that she started a […]

She Looks Like A Normal Musician, But Her Secret? I’m SPEECHLESS!

While many people would simply accept that they can’t do “normal” things like everyone else, this brave girl decided to challenge herself. She wanted to play the piano, so she had an instructor teach her with his fist. Over time, she finally fulfilled this dream! In this jaw-dropping video, we see the girl play “Amazing […]

She Looks Like A Normal Little Girl, But The Truth? I’m SHOCKED!

TINY teenager Hannah Kritzeck loves singing, ballet and dancing to hip-hop, despite being just 39in tall. The 19-year-old was born with primordial dwarfism, a rare condition that only affects about 100 people in the world, which causes short stature and health problems, including the threat of brain aneurysms and a shortened life-span. Hannah, who wears […]

He Travels The World And Documents Each Place He Visits. This Man Is The Unofficial Selfie King!

Alex Chacon, the #EpicSelfieGuy does it again creating the most Epic, Crazy, Interesting, Dangerous, and Amazing Selfie in the World. He took the “Most Epic Selfie of 2014” according to CBS News and does it again in 2015 with this Part II on his 3 Year Around the World Motorcycle Expedition!