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This Little Fox Is Reunited With His Best Friend. His Reaction Is Too Adorable!

At International Primate Rescue they have over 100 primates and now 2 Fennec Foxes. Rupert came to the shelter at just 4 weeks old. This video show’s him being reunited with his best friend William one of our cats. They became good friends when they were hand rearing Rupert and it’s wonderful to see how […]

These 1 Day Old Ducklings Will Make Your Day

A mother Mallard duck takes her babies to the water for the first time. Will all go according to plan? And a surprise ending! This is so cute. I don’t know if it’s just me, but bring a momma duck and her babies onto the scene and suddenly the best comes out in people. Poor […]

Her Camera Captures Owls In Her Yard. What They Do? I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Owls sure are curious creatures. They sleep all day and hunt all night. They’re always giving you that blank, wide-eyed stare. And their usual vocal response to just about anything? “Who.” That’s right. It’s basically just another question. They are darned cute though. The burrowing owl might even be more curious. Unlike most owls, you […]

A Hundred Million Stars in 3 Minutes

In January 2015, NASA released the largest image ever of the Andromeda galaxy, taken by the Hubble telescope. Totaling 1.5 billion pixels and requiring 4.3 gigabytes of disk space, this photo provides a detailed glimpse at the sheer scale of our nearest galactic neighbor. By zooming into the incredible shot, filmmaker Dave Achtemichuk creates an […]

This Mama Elephant Spent 11 Hours Rescuing Her Baby Elephant Stuck in Well

This is the heart-wrenching moment a mother elephant desperately tried to pull her baby from a well. The determined mum refused to leave her calf, staying with the youngster for 11 hours, first using her trunk and then her feet in a bid to haul her precious baby to safety. Unfortunately the frantic mother elephant […]

You Can Plant This Children’s Book And It Will Grow Into A Tree!

Imagine sitting under the glaring sun reading a book without a tree for shade. According to Green Peace, every two seconds, an area of forest the size of a football pitch is lost due to logging or destructive practices. Publishing company Pequeño Editor created a hand-stitched children’s book made from acid-free paper, ecological ink and […]

Unbelievable Footage of Exploding Plants

This will blow your mind! Nature is truly amazing. Most of us are used to seeing the ‘helicopter’ style seeds of a maple tree or the seeds of a dandelion flutter in the wind. But there are many more plants in the plant world with even more unbelievable ways of spreading their seeds. The Smithsonian […]

Mother Raccoon teaches kit how to climb a tree

You just have to watch this adorable video! It’s not just human moms who teach their young the important parts of life. Moms of all species teach their kids many critical skills to thrive. Jeffrey Reid was outside when he saw a mother raccoon pushing her young towards a tree. Upon further investigation, he realized […]