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Giant Musical Family Wows The Audience With ‘My Favorite Things’

Forget the Von Trapp family! They’ve got nothing on the very real Willis Clan. The Willis Clan is a musical family of twelve siblings, ranging in age from 21 all the way down to the adorable 3 years old. While on America’s Got Talent, the twelve person band naturally sang the famous The Sound of […]

Miguel Rivera – Beat It (Michael Jackson) – Solo guitar

Beat It by Michael Jackson is one of the pop star’s most famous songs. The song is the epitome of 1980’s pop and even appears in Back to the Future II in the 80’s style diner. In honor of the anniversary of Michael Jackon’s passing, acoustic guitar master Miguel Rivera made this special cover of […]

5 Year-Old Piano Prodigy Ryan Wang Performs for 101 Year-Old Dorothy Landry

CBC Music asked 5 year old Piano Prodigy to perform some of his repertoire for Dorothy Landry. Dorothy is 101 years old and perhaps Ryan’s biggest fan. Even though she has seen him perform before she is hard of hearing so never fully got to experience Ryan playing. She gets a front row seat for […]

Students Flashmob A Wedding Ceremony

Shannon and Rick and their guests were enjoying a seemingly normal wedding in St. John’s Church in Niagara Falls. Without the knowledge of Rick or any of their guests, Shannon had organized 15 students and their parents from the Music Depot to come and sit hidden in the audience. The groom and the guests were […]

This Must Be The Best Drummer Ever

The bang sound from hitting a pot or the clunk of hitting wood may sound like just plain things, but to others they see them as more than that. Regular sounds that are normally not considered music can be used to create some! This street performer is one person who completely understands how to use […]

Flattening The Steep Hills Of San Francisco With Camera Trickery

San Francisco is famous for their extremely steep hills. Walking up and down these hills can be a serious pain. So Karen X Cheng had the genius idea to flatten the hills. With a little bit of camera trickery she and her friends made this mesmerizing video in which it is difficult to decipher what […]

Pixar’s “UP” in Real Life: 80-Year-Old Grandparents Celebrate Anniversary with Adorable Piano Duet

Remember that first 15 minutes from Pixar’s UP, of Carl and Ellie’s married life together? This cute 80-year-old couple plays the theme from “UP” as a piano duet, for their 60th anniversary. This couple is none other than the grandparents of pianist Jason Lyle Black – a local YouTube celebrity with over seven million views […]

Jennie Lena May Be Young, But Her Voice Will Give You Chills

What I like the most about The Voice talent shows is that auditions are blind. The judges are unable to look at singers and have to rely only on their vocal abilities to determine if they would make it to the next round. If they think a singer is capable, they have to press a button and just then their chair will […]

Opera Singer Stuns Everyone With Surprise Rock Performance

With so many talent shows going on it’s hard to stand out, but this opera singer had no such issues. Cristina Ramos stepped on stage and sang some solid opera. But then an AC/DC riff came on. What happened next was simply AMAZING! Her performance went so well that she got the much coveted golden buzzer, […]

This Bride’s Surprise For Her Husband-To-Be Will Give You Goosebumps

We’ve seen all kind of wedding videos already. But every time I start to think it’s safe to say I’ve seen it all, a new wedding video appears and strikes the right cord in my heart, leaving me speechless once again. And this is one of those videos. Bride Arianna Dubovik wanted to surprise her guests and […]

You Just Have To Hear This Girl Sing

Just in case you somehow missed it, there’s a new talent show going on. It’s called Little Big Shots and is all about kids who really can sing. Like this 13-year-old girl who absolutely slayed Beyoncé song. Where is that voice coming from?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQQ2MmmDhog

This Cover of Not Afraid Will Melt Your Heart

Sparsh is an incredible 12-year-old boy who was born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. His condition makes his bones extremely fragile so he cannot bear weight on his hands and legs  and can’t walk or run like other normal kids. But while he maybe can’t do things other kids can, he can do something […]

Stunning Recreations Of Sounds Of Nature Will Take Your Breath Away

Just when we started to think that people are finally bored of countless music talent shows, this video showed up and proved the completely opposite. Genadi Tkachenko is one very talented artist who  finally brought something new to talent shows. While most of other singers just take a song and sing it, he recreated the […]

This Street Performer Will Leave You Speechless

YouTuber Lucas Fuchs was wandering through the streets of Strasbourg in France when he saw this guy. On the first sight he looks like just another street performer. But he’s way more than that. Luc Arbogast is one very special singer and artist. Not only he sings beautifully, but he sings beautifully in two distinct voices!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Will Instantly Make You Feel Better

Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (Kah-MAH-kah-VEE-voh-OH-lay) did something wonderful and really rare in music. He redefined a beloved classic Over The Rainbow. His rendition of this song is nothing but one voice accompanied only by ukulele, but still, it’s one of the most perfect songs ever. So amazingly touching and uplifting. Enjoy the tunes 🙂

Marble Machine Musical Instrument Will Take Your Breath Away

Being original is harder than ever. But still, every time you think you’ve seen it all, something new and amazing shows up and take your breath away. Like this strange instrument which creates the most beautiful tunes. Using 2,000 marbles and countless wooden tracks and gears, Martin Molin built the Wintergatan. It’s a giant wooded […]