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New Product Out Now: Famous Failures – The Game Of Persistence

We’re really excited to release the latest product in the Positive Atmosphere family: Famous Failures – The Game of Persistence. Famous Failures Is a Personal Development Card Game That Teaches the Value of Persistence in a Fun and Challenging Way Drawing from real life examples of our most popular celebrity successes, players learn about their […]

This Women-Run Gourmet Catering Company Trains Refugee Women in Cooking and Service

The global refugee crisis is ever-present in the news these days, but the United States has received displaced peoples from all over the world for a long time now. The catering company we’ll tell you about today found in this crisis the inspiration for its mission: to train and employ refugee women who are eager […]

This Business is Saving Elephant Lives

Sangduen “Lek” Chailert never expected to open an elephant sanctuary, but the mistreatment of the gentle creatures was an alarm too strong to ignore. Now she rehabilitates and cares for rescued elephants throughout Thailand, encouraging volunteers to help her along the way.

Pickles Anyone? Friends Start Gourmet Business!

At Miss Jenny’s Pickles, they preserve every pickle jar with family tradition and lots of love! Miss Jenny’s Pickles company started after Ashlee and Jenny, partners for years in the financial industry, lost their jobs due to economic recession. They knew they wanted to start a business venture together and of all things, a pickle […]

Chocomize Lets YOU Be a Chocolatier!

Chocomize was started by three Columbia graduates straight out of college. With the recession the guys realized that they needed to find a more unconventional route to make a living. They decided to capitalize on the growing phenomenon of online shopping and mix it with their love of chocolate. Their site allows customers to chose […]

The Most Romantic Job You Could Ever Have

When you hear the word “romance,” what comes to mind? Roses, chocolates, or Venetian love among other things all represent romance and loving one another. At La Gondola Providence in Providence, Rhode Island, romance is closer than you’d think! As a full-time gondolier, Matt takes us through the historic city of Providence to talk about […]

Balloon Artist Turns Passion Into Profession

What do you think of when you see a balloon animal? Does it make you smile? Have you ever imagined someone would be able to twist and turn their way into making balloon art a profession? Meet Holly Hopper, a balloon artist from San Antonio, Texas. She began her ballooning as a child after her […]

Snuggle Delivery Relieves Workplace Stress With Puppies

Do you think a puppy at your work would make your day a little brighter? Well, Snuggle Delivery brings adoptable animals to your work place to snuggle and play! The Humane Society of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL started a program where for a small donation to the organization, they will load up a […]

High School Entrepreneurs WOW Celebrity Judges With Their Small Businesses

BUILD is a non-profit organization that uses entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of the youth who are most at-risk of dropping out of high school. More specifically, BUILD supplements traditional education with the skills to develop and run their own small businesses. BUILD was established in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay Area and has […]

Rémi Gaillard Gives Away 500 Euro To People On The Street

Normally prankster Rémi Gaillard is pretty mean to people. But in this case, there is no hatch. He just surprises people with 500 Euros (he got by making this sort of ad for a lottery) each and films their reactions. The street musician is my favorite! „I have agreed to shoot an ad to give […]

Staff Surprises CEO With Brand New Tesla After Dramatic Pay Raise

There’s been a lot of talk about the minimum wage over the past few years. Instead of waiting for the government to take on the issue, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, decided to give his entire crew a pay raise. The new minimum pay rate? $70,000 a year, a salary countless people can barely […]

New 3D Puzzles Are Pretty Amazing

Every February, Tim visits the New York Toy Fair, where new products are showcased, often for the very first time. This year, Tim picked up 3 puzzles, one of which is already on the market, and two of which are not yet fully developed, but are likely to be available before the end of the […]

This 27-Year-Old Designer Came Up With A Way To Revolutionize How We Recycle

Dave Hakkens was tired of people’s excuses for not recycling. So he took a trip to a plastic plant to see why more companies don’t use recycled materials. Instead of trying to convince manufacturers to change their policies, he studied how recycling plants work and designed and built his own suite of open-source machines that […]

This Veteran Ignores Unemployment Statistics And Creates His Own Job

What a great story!!!! As combat operations in Afghanistan wind down, tens of thousands of service members face a daunting reality – an unemployment rate for veterans that is higher than the national average. One Army veteran turned a hobby into an opportunity.

How one dog helped change one woman’s life

With the help of her English bulldog Zelda, Carol Gardner built a multi-million dollar greeting card business. She started at the ripe young age of 52. Susan Spencer reports on Gardner and other “late bloomers” who found new careers and callings later in life.

This Is A Real Proof That It Is Possible To Turn Your Passion Into A Career!

All children like to impersonate their favorite television and movie characters. It’s natural. Usually, as we grow up, this hobby fades away. However, Sarah Ingle never let her passion get away from her. In fact, she has taken Disney princess impersonations to an entirely new level. She’s gotten so good at her transformations that she started a […]

Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat Receives a Promotion

This very special cat named Felix was adopted by Huddersfield railway station in 2011 when she was only nine weeks old. Her job was supposed to be to capture mice and entertain travelers at the station. She took her job of chasing mice quite seriously and has been unofficially working at the station ever since. She even has […]

She Is Only 17 And Is Already Changing The World!

Having experienced her cousin battling breast cancer, Brittany Wenger decided to try and make difference. Brittany started researching about machine learning, and designed a cloud application that detects breast cancer correctly over 99% of the time. Brittany was the Grand Prize winner in the 2012 Google Science Fair for her medical app. Brittany is just […]

This Airline Has The Best Lost and Found Strategy. Find Out Why.

KLM Airlines found a genius way to reunite people with their lost items using an adorable dog to track the owners down. Although there are some news outlets claiming it’s just a commercial and it isn’t true, we love it anyway. Judge for yourself.

47 Seconds Is All You Need To Fall In Love With The Best President Ever

In Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, stands an old ruinous house with chipped walls and a 26-year-old car parked outside. This is the home of the man who runs the country. Jose Mujica, a 77-year-old man, is earning an international reputation as a pauper president who steadfastly refuses to accept any trappings of power. In […]