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Gratitude and connection with nature via incredible time-lapse photography

Louie Schwartzberg has spent the majority of his adult life taking time-lapse photography of flowers and nature. What he has learned is a wonderful lesson for all of us… tune in and listen to his TEDx talk on gratitude, connection and love.

It’s Never Too Late, Embrace Your Life, Embrace Yourself

I saw Lisa speak once in Vancouver, among a star-studded lineup of authors and speakers, and she blew them all away with her sincerity and conviction. What a powerful person and message. It’s never too late to choose to love yourself and design the life you dream of. I hope this touches some of you […]

The Most Romantic Job You Could Ever Have

When you hear the word “romance,” what comes to mind? Roses, chocolates, or Venetian love among other things all represent romance and loving one another. At La Gondola Providence in Providence, Rhode Island, romance is closer than you’d think! As a full-time gondolier, Matt takes us through the historic city of Providence to talk about […]

Paris Micro-Apartment Is Stunning

When architect Julie Nabucet was asked to fit the rooms of a full-sized apartment in a 129-square-foot (12 m2) flat in the center of Paris (Montorgueil quarter), she didn’t have much options than to stack things up. She elevated the kitchen and rolled a bed-slash-sofa underneath. Pulled out halfway, it’s a couch; pulled out fully, […]

60-Year-Old Life Hacks Put To The Test

Old basements and attics might give you a certain level of creepiness, but they’re often full of hidden treasure. YouTuber named HouseholdHacker spend an afternoon digging through his basement and found some really interesting and long forgotten things. One of them was Science and Mechanics 1957 edition of 1001 How-To Ideas. He was wondering if […]

Man Turns His House Into Ultimate Cat Playland

When Peter Cohen bought his house in Goleta, California, two stray cats came with the property. After one died and another got hurt in car accident,  he began rescuing cats and providing a safe place for them inside the house. He soon ended up living with 15 rescued cats and to keep the occupied and […]

100-Year-Old Life Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

Sometimes is fun to dig around as you never know what you might find. Like these life hack inserts that were printed over 100 years ago in 1916. Sure, world changed a lot in last 100 years, but some things will never change. All of these hacks are just as good and useful  as they […]

Man Builds Natural Swimming Pool Pond

If you think that building a swimming pool in your backyard requires expensive contractors, or harsh and dangerous chemicals, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no need for expensive contractors, or harsh and dangerous chemicals. With only a very basic filter system running on solar power, the pool stays clean with help from the […]

Rome police cook diner for elderly couple heard crying

It was just a regular summer night in Rome when police got an emergency call saying loud cries are coming from the elderly couple’s apartment. When the officers arrived, they found a 94-year-old Michele and his 89-year-old wife Jole in tears. They weren’t crying because something bad happened, they cried because they were sad and lonely. […]

Mom Demonstrates Why Co-Sleeping With Baby Is Really No-Sleeping

Many parents sleep with their babies and toddlers for one reason or another. Maybe the little one woke up mom for a middle of the night feeding snack, and mom was just too exhausted to put the baby back in the crib. It’s a great way to bond with your baby. But there’s only one […]

Small Kansas Town Gives Away Land

Finding a piece of land for your perfect home is costly and not something everyone can afford. For example, if you’d like to live in a bigger city like Boston, you will need minimum of $500,000 just for a basic piece of land. With all that unoccupied and unused land which is only making costs all around the world those prices are just […]

Woman Starts ‘100 Days Without Fear’ Challenge To Live Her Life To The Fullest

This woman is my new idol! Michelle stumbled upon a ‘100 Days Without Fear’ Challenge and for a sake of living life to the fullest she decided to accept it. The rules are simple – every day do one thing that scares you. She made a list of all things that scares her, from small […]

A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Mike Basich was a snowboarding pioneer who had it all. Hundreds of competitions gave him all the money and fame he could need, but he wanted something different. He longed to disconnect from our modern internet-focused world and live more sustainable, simple lifestyle. He bought a 40 acre property near Truckee, CA and built his own 225 square foot […]

He Seems To Be Opening A Closet…But Then? The Entire Room CHANGES!!

An ex-Dragons’ Den star wants to revolutionise the property market by building luxury homes within the same space of at tiny flat. Simon Woodroffe has created this home which offers FOUR TIMES the rooms and features as a typical one-bedroom flat – but within the same confines. His YO! Home prototype works by hiding rooms […]