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This Woman Defines The Crazy Cat Lady

In 1992 Lynea’s father asked for her help in finding a new cat. She came home with 15 kittens. Since that day, 67-year-old Lynea has been surrounded by feline friends. The Cat House On The Kings is currently home to 800 adult cats and 300 kittens, which have all been taken in as either feral or abandoned […]

Snowboarding Through Times Square During The Blizzard

The East Coast blizzard has interrupted the everyday life for cities such as New York, but that didn’t stop one man from having his fun in the inclement weather. While most of the city went into hibernation, Casey Neistat and his crew decided to make the best out of the situation. and took to the streets […]

This Man Has Taken The Concept Of A Man-Cave To The Max

Just like most other guys Angelo Mastropietro had always dreamed about his own man-cave with the biggest TV ever and high tech amenities. But with long working hours and stressful life he never thought his dream could come true. That was until he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007. His condition led to him being temporarily paralysed – and […]

The Jolliest Man on Earth Dresses As Santa 200 Days a Year

Philip Wenz was only 4 when he first put on a makeshift red suit, snuck out of the house, strolled into an unsuspecting neighbor’s home and, reaching into a pillow case, began passing out candy canes. From that day on, Philip knew his meant to be Santa. That year, and in the 47 years that […]

This man’s home will make your jaw drop!

Kids often dream about living in unusual places, like a tree house, cave, train and practically every other not-suitable-for-living places. Well, Bruce Campbell was lucky enough to fulfill his childhood fantasy. He lives in a decommissioned Boeing 727 jumbo jet. Yes, an actual jet! When you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense as the jet is […]

This Couple Converted A School Bus Into Their Dream Home

Why would anyone want to live in a school bus? Because when you live in a bus, you can live anywhere. And it’s affordable! Few years ago Andrew and Julie decided it’s time to do some changes in their life. At that moment they knew only two things for sure – that they don’t feel […]