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Great Dane Dog Befriends Wild Horses

This sanctuary rescues wild horses from auctions where they’re rounded up to be sold to anyone who will buy them. All of the horses who are coming in are saved from terrible fates. When they come in they are usually severely traumatized, and not that keen to come near people for quite some time. But […]

Horseback Riding That Builds Leadership And Confidence In Individuals With Special Needs

Therapeutic horseback riding can make all the difference! A New Canaan, CT-based therapeutic riding program called New Canaan Mounted Troop, not only helps kids and adults build leadership, responsibility, and confidence through sound horsemanship, but it also enriches the lives of individuals with special needs through equine-assisted activities. Celebrating its 77th year, the 501(c)(3) non-profit […]

A Pony And His Beloved Teddy Bear Reunite After Being Apart For 3 Years

A while ago we posted a video of a pony named Breeze who lost his mother and found a comfort in his new best friend – a teddy bear named Buttons. They were instantly inseparable. But Breeze grew up and got older. He’s now part of a large herd and recently reunited with his former companion. […]

Horse And Baboon Are Unlikely Best Friends

Baboons and horses live together at an animal sanctuary near Western Cape, South Africa, but there’s one horse and baboon who more than just tolerate each other. The two have become best friends reports Barcroft TV. The Internet always loves an unlikely animal friends story.

Silly Horse Adorably Splashes In River

Anna Paterek was riding her horse Magic through the woods when they approached a calm river. Magic was simply terrified of the water, and refused to step foot into the stream. So Anna dismounted and took him to the edge of the water. Then, she softly splashed in the water with her foot to show […]

Acer The Dwarf Horse Is Especially Tiny

Miniature horses are already super cute. But Acer the dwarf horse is especially tiny. Only 22 inches tall! The cute equine lives with his owner Maureen O’Sullivan at her Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham in England. The adorable horse is basically the size of a dog, and that’s pretty much what he thinks he is.

Horses Help Heal Veterans’ Invisible Wounds

Serving in combat can affect soldiers long after they return home from war. For some, the wounds are physical and visible. For others, they go deeper, affecting their mental health. Staff at Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont, VA, use horses—equine therapy—to help veterans heal these invisible wounds.

No One Wanted These Horses To Live. What She Did? AMAZING

Not every horse can be a racing pony, so what happens to the nurse mare’s foals? They are literally born to die, but there is at least one woman working hard to save these babies. Victoria Goss has been sheltering horses since she was 12 years-old. She founded Last Chance Corral horse rescue in Athens, […]

This Little Pony Found A New Best Friend. It’s Too Adorable!

Poor one-month-old pony Breeze was found abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. Luckily for him, the rescuers at Mare and Foal Sanctuary found him and nursed him back to health. There was still something missing for the lonely pony though – the love of a mother. What they did next was so adorable. They […]

This Perfect Mini Service Horse Helps Children With Rare Genetic Disorder In The Most Adorable Way!

Gwendolyn the miniature service horse made an introductory visit to her owner’s second grade class on October 22, 2015. Zaiden Beattie is one of several hundred kids in the United States living with Ataxia-telangiectasia, or A-T. It is a genetic disease that will eventually rob Beattie of balance and muscle control, and it will also […]

Horse Therapy Can Help Improve Quality Of Life For The Disabled

Riding a horse is a strenuous activity. The Therapeutic Equestrian Center (TEC) helps people with disabilities through horseback riding. For people with disabilities, especially those who can’t walk, riding a horse gives them independence while building their physical strength. Not only is it physically beneficial, but it also helps break mental and emotional barriers. Interacting […]

Baby Miniature Horse Is The Tiniest, Cutest Thing Ever

Everyone knows that ponies are adorable. But then there are mini-horses who are arguably even smaller and cuter. And then there are baby miniature horses. It’s like they aren’t even real, but are cartoon characters. So precious! Sterling Bartow was lucky enough to hang out with a four day old baby mini-horse who loved to […]

Connection Between This Dog And His Horse Is Amazing!

This is “Annie”, a young quarter horse mare (registered name Orphan Dun It) and her friend Cookie, (a white lab) playing together. Notice the communication in their respective languages. These two animals have similar personalities (playful, curious, and kind) it’s no wonder they get along so well. As soon as Annie came out of the […]

NAILED IT – Hesitant Horse Masters a Ditch!

I soooo feel for this horse – these tiny ditches are no joke. And even tho most horses would tackle this in one leap, this horse takes a different, way more creative and original approach, and much like the less graceful human, makes the most hilarious jump ever! This hesitant horse is basically every clumsy person’s spirit […]