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Man Loses 400 Pounds Thanks To Hard Work And Taylor Swift Music

After years of terrible eating habits, 28 year old Ronnie weighed 675 pounds. The doctors told him he probably wouldn’t live to be 35 years old. With his friends at his side and the inspiration he found in Taylor Swift’s music, Ronnie decided to change his life. Incredibly, he lost over 400 pounds! Joe Bufano […]

An Extremely Powerful & Moving Short Video Will Make You Consider Organ Donation

According to the National Kidney Foundation, over 17,000 kidney transplants took place in the United States alone in 2014, 11,570 of which came from deceased donors. Despite the seeming impressiveness of this number, there are still approximately 123,000 Americans waiting for life-saving organ transplants, with the median wait time being 3.6 years. In an attempt […]

Want to know what happens in your body when you switch from eating conventional food to organic? Watch this!

The first week the five members of the family ate their usual non-organic meals, and gave urine samples each day. In independent tests conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, eight of a chosen 12 pesticides showed up in their systems. Then the Palmbergs switched to 100% organic food for two weeks. New urine […]

How To Do Upavistha Konasana (Seated Wide Angle Pose) & Its Benefits

Workout is one of the most important investments we can make in order to lead a long and healthy, happy life. The Seated Wide Angle Pose is known as Upavistha Konasana in Sanskrit. ‘Upavistha’ means ‘seated or sitting’, ‘kona’ means ‘angle’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture or pose’. The Seated Wide Angle Pose opens up the […]

Meet Vegan Bodybuilder Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano is a CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT expert who MOTIVATES and trains to build and gain muscle , lose fat and challenge your body to obtain strength through simple and more advanced body weight exercises. His goal is to motivate and inspire you through fun , functional workouts.