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He Caught A $1,000 Baseball. What His Family Does Next? Both Shocking AND Hilarious!

You just have to see this video below! It offers a whirlwind of emotions, starting with an urge to cry that quickly shifts into tears from laughing really, really hard! Derek Jeter recently retired, but before he hung up his #2 jersey, he had an almost 20-year career as one of the New York Yankees’ […]

You Won’t Believe What Soothes This Crying Baby

When we talk about cinema’s most famous theme songs The Imperial March is definitely high on that list. Another, a bit more surprising list where you’ll find this song is – soothing songs list for adorable 11-week-old Eli. Eli was just 1 month old when his parents learned that Darth Vader’s Theme has a soothing effect on […]

Boy’s Reaction After Tasting Bacon Is The Cutest

It’s no secret, the world has a major obsession with bacon. Sure, it’s full of fat and high in salt, but that’s exactly why we love it. Tyler Beach decided this Christmas that his young baby son Easton was old enough to try bacon for the first time. The kid’s reaction to the salty, fatty goodness […]

She Asks Her Daughter Why She’s So Grumpy. The Girl’s Response? Priceless!

Parents sometimes forget just how difficult it is being a child. Sure, the kids are in school all day having fun, but they’re also learning — and learning is hard. Just because they’re learning things that most parents already know (thanks to learning them in school when they were young), that doesn’t mean children aren’t […]

Smart Dog Outsmarts His Selfish Corgi Friend

Some kids, and yes dogs too, just want what they can’t have. So when Boo the Corgi saw Indy the Lab playing with a toy bone, the little selfish cutey wanted it to. But Indy had an idea. The smart Lab found another toy and pulled off the old bait and switch to trick Boo […]

This baby is so adorable ~ watching it over and over again makes my day! Do you love your Daddy ?No No No XD LOL

You say you have a hard life? This baby’s not even a year old and she already hates her family, Christmas and she won’t even go night night because of insomnia… only god knows what she’s been through 🙂

Couple Can’t Stop Laughing After Discovering Electrical Wiring Mix Up

Daniel Willey‘s sister and husband were doing some remodeling when they discovered a very ridiculous electrical wiring issue. For some reason, two switches power the same light. But instead of turning the light on and off when switched, the light just gets brighter. What’s even crazier is when they plug in a hair dryer, it […]

Best use of a 5-second YouTube ad I’ve ever seen

Insurance company GEICO has been famous for decades now for their unique and creative commercials. They have hit another home run with this latest online ad. Many ads on YouTube and other video services give you the chance to skip it after five seconds. But this commercial is so short, it’s over before you have […]

He Placed A Single Door In The Park. What He Did Next Left Viewers Simply Shocked!

This latest prank by Magician Rahat is very simple, but also extremely clever. He previously set up a single door standing in the middle of the park. When he noticed someone near the door, he opened it, and while the door was still blocking the witness’s view, he ran and hid behind a wall nearby. […]

When They Told This Big Puppy It Was Time To Wake Up, He Threw The Most Hilarious Fit

Thor is a Great Dane puppy and he just thinks it’s way too early to get up. His owner Ray, is a bagel store owner which means alot of early mornings. When ray tries to get Thor up and about at 3:30 am, the results are just too funny. I can definitely relate to this! […]

Sometimes, The Best Prank Is When There Is No Prank – I Did Nothing To The Coffee Fake April Fools Prank

Everyone is paranoid around the first of April. It’s only natural. Realizing this, Jimmy Kimmel asked his fans to prank their friends and family by telling them “I didn’t do anything to the coffee” just as they took a sip. As expected they all freaked out after their realized it’s April first. But the prank […]

This baby’s reaction to the Easter hen is priceless, it will make you smile for sure. and it’s absolutely contagious!

Her big sister helps her set up the hen to do it again and again… baby’s reaction never gets old! The big sister knows how to make the baby laugh! These siblings remind us about those little things that make us smile. “Wanna see it again?” Please share this video with family and friends.

She Tries A Difficult Yoga Pose. Now Watch What The Dog Does…Quite Awesome, Right?

This. Is. Hysterical! He’s so proud of himself, the way he stares at her and holds the position in place. It’s incredible to watch him mentally match his mom’s legs to his own, while recognizing the difference between his left and right sides! I think I should add this to My dogs trick list!