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Watch This Bear Mascot Fall Down Over and Over in These Car Dealership Commercial Outtakes

You want to see a bear mascot slipping on ice over and over? Well, you got it. The description asks “How many takes to have a White Bear not slip on the ice during a commercial shoot?” But the real question is how many times can we ask. The answer: As many as it takes. […]

Sea Lion Makes Himself Comfortable On The Roof Of A Car

Melanie Sceva recoreded the proof that you should never leave your car unattended when sea lions are near. Few days ago, a sea lion in Freeland, Washington, chose an unusual sunbathing spot perching itself on top of a car in a parking lot. The sea lion appears interested in the small crowd gathered around it, […]

Japanes Man Solves Impossible Puzzle After A Decade Trying

Akihara Toshiko-san, a 73 years old man from Osaka has been trying to solve one seemingly impossible puzzle for more than 10 years. Inside the offices of his family doctor, who he’s been seeing for the past ten years, sits this ring puzzle. At first glance it seems pretty easy to decipher, but after countless tries he […]