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Two Grannies Drive A Lamborghini

Around the world, the Lamborghini is considered one of the rarest, most expensive, and beautiful sports cars around. Unless you live in a rich, large metropolitan area like LA or New York, you’ve most likely never even seen one. That inspired Donut Media to rent a Lambo and give the keys to two grannies to […]

Putting Vegetables In Doughnut Box At The Office Prank

Now this is a proper April Fools prank. No one is injured or embarrassed, it’s just good for a simple laugh. Before arriving at the office on the first of April, Ryan Massfeller hit up his local Krispy Kreme for some delicious doughnuts, but asked for an extra empty box. In the second box, he […]

Ellen And Steve Harvey Interview Kids About Beauty

Children’s honesty is one of the most beautiful things. Sometimes it’s one of the funniest things too. Like in this video. Ellen and Steve Harvey sit down a few kids for a serious talk about beauty. They were expecting to hear some insights about what true beauty really is, but before long, it turned into a […]

This Bulldog’s Irrational Fears And Unique Solutions Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day

Mister Bentley the Dog may look like a dangerous guy, but just like people, he too has some weak spots. Bentley has a fear of both ladders and wires. Combined, they are almost paralyzing.  So what does he do when he approaches both? Simple: just tackle those fears butt first!

Solemn Tornado Broadcast Interrupted by Dog on Lawnmower

In the past week, tornados have caused damage and havoc throughout the state of Texas, but one dog stayed chill, throughout it all. Andrea Martinez was covering the serious after effects of a brutal tornado in Texas when she came across a very strange sight. In the background, amidst the rubble and devastation, there was a totally relaxed […]

Best Dad Ever Sings Vegetable Parody Of ‘Lean On Me’

Feeding kids vegetables is definitely not one of the easiest task ever, especially for new parents. That’s why Charles Only came up with this lovely idea and surprisingly enough it is working! As soon as dad starts singing this hilarious green beans parody of ‘Lean On Me’ his baby opens his mouth and eats everything […]

This Little Boy’s Life Problem Will Melt You

Ok, if this doesn’t make you smile today, I don’t know what will. This adorable little boy has a serious problem most adults can’t understand. He loves hot dogs so much, but his mom made a mistake preparing them – they are just too perfect to be eaten! You just can’t eat something so cute!

Adopted Baby Elephant Adorably Wreaks Havoc At Home

Moyo was only few days old when Zimbabwe was hit with great flood during which he lost his family. Humans who found him knew he wouldn’t survive a day out there alone so he was brought to Roxy who owns a wildlife sanctuary for abandoned and wounded animals. It wasn’t her first time saving elephants, but Moyo […]

Dog Has Unexpected Reaction To New Baby

Pet experts recommend new parents to carefully introduce the new baby to their dogs and cats. It’s a good idea to first let the dog smell the baby’s clothes to become accustomed to the scent of the new center of attention. That’s exactly what Melanie M. with her dog Charlie. Except Charlie’s reaction was not […]

Chicken Cops Are The Best!

Rabbits are known as fluffy gentle creatures, but even they sometimes just don’t get along. Like these two who got into a fight.  And what to do when rabbits are fighting? Call the chicken police, of course! These courageous chickens earned a medal for getting the rabbits apart in no time at all. And just […]

Barking Cat Is The Strangest Thing You’ll See Today

Some things sounds just too crazy to be true. Like barking cats, for instance. Owner of this cat had a lot of troubles explaining friends, family and neighbors they don’t have a dog and that their cat is the one barking. Of course, no one believed. Cats don’t bark. Period. Well, that was until they […]

Little Girl Can’t Stop Laughing When Dad Explains What Snow Is

Explaining something to kids can be a hard job. Sometimes they won’t listen at all, sometimes they won’t understand a word, and sometimes, like in this case – they just won’t believe what you’re saying. In this adorable video dad tries to teach his little girl what snow is. Somehow she doesn’t believe a word […]

Washing Machine With A Brick Spinning Is Surprisingly Funny

Putting a brick into a spinning washing machine was quite popular topic few years ago. Countless videos are demonstrating how washing machine will fall apart in the most hilarious way. if you try to wash a brick. and it’s hard to imagine anyone could think of anything new and original on that topic. Well, Bootsowen somehow managed […]