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Little Boy Cries Because He Wants To Be President Instead Of Hillary Clinton

The media was buzzing when Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for president in 2016. But little Zeke was crushed by the news. He broke down in tears and exclaimed that he wanted to run for president instead of Hilary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=346zJUUA4i8

Mom Buys Herself A Birthday Gift At Kohl’s… And It’s Absolutley Hilarious

Ok, here’s a video you shouldn’t miss. Candace is a mother of two from Texas who had her birthday recently.  On her birthday she decided to treat herself to a day of shopping. That’s when she stumbled across the ultimate children’s toy. Thrilled by her discovery, Candace bought the item not for her kids, but for herself. When […]

Batman Driving A Lamborghini Uber Prank

In big cities across the country and the world, Uber has become the number one choice for taxi services. Who wants to wait forever for a rude taxi driver to pick them up when an Uber only takes seconds to pull up in a nice, normal car? As a fun gag, YouTube prankster Josh Paler […]

This 89 Year Old’s First Stand Up Routine Is Hilarious

It takes years to become a good stand up comic. Even some of today’s most famous comedians took years honing their skills to get to where they are today. After waiting almost 90 years, comedian Chuck Esterly has decided that you are never to old too follow your dreams. The 89 year old just performed […]

Genius Uses Reverse Psychology To Have His Dog Take Medicine

Dogs are like kids. They always want what they can’t have and they hate taking their medicine. Realizing this, genius dog owner Fellipe Vilaca Chibante used simple reverse psychology to get his cute Dachshund dog to take his medicine. Just act like you’re eating something yummy, and don’t give any to your dog. They’ll be […]

Two Grannies Drive A Lamborghini

Around the world, the Lamborghini is considered one of the rarest, most expensive, and beautiful sports cars around. Unless you live in a rich, large metropolitan area like LA or New York, you’ve most likely never even seen one. That inspired Donut Media to rent a Lambo and give the keys to two grannies to […]

Putting Vegetables In Doughnut Box At The Office Prank

Now this is a proper April Fools prank. No one is injured or embarrassed, it’s just good for a simple laugh. Before arriving at the office on the first of April, Ryan Massfeller hit up his local Krispy Kreme for some delicious doughnuts, but asked for an extra empty box. In the second box, he […]