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Cheetahs Best Friends With Children

A game of tag might be tricky for these toddlers because their best friends are the world’s fastest land animals – two deadly cheetahs. Tiny one-year-old Kayla and her brother, three-year-old Malan, have formed an extraordinary bond with the two creatures after growing up with them in their home. The pair think nothing of sharing […]

2-year-old And Garbage Man’s Special Bond Is Priceless

It’s not so easy for young toddlers to make friends. You can’t blame them, they’re stuck at a stage in life where the only thing that matters is themselves. But the USA TODAY reports that little Deacon Ross has made his first friend. The adorable two year old simply loves his garbageman. Sadly, the family […]

Horse And Baboon Are Unlikely Best Friends

Baboons and horses live together at an animal sanctuary near Western Cape, South Africa, but there’s one horse and baboon who more than just tolerate each other. The two have become best friends reports Barcroft TV. The Internet always loves an unlikely animal friends story.

Mr. G and Jellybean

This is one of those timeless stories that will warm your heart no matter how many times you see it. In 2014 Animal Place took in a rescued goat from an animal hoarding case in southern California. His name was Mr. G. He had lived for years in neglect with a burro named Jellybean who was […]

A lion who was raised by humans – MUST WATCH!!!

You just have to see this heartbreaking story about a lion who was raised by humans. This lion got too big for them, so they put him in the wilderness. One year later they decided to visit him in Africa where he was put. Scientists said that lions would never remember their human parents after such […]

Amazing!!! The tortoise turning over, smart companion has saved it!

Tortoise’s shell is a powerful form of defense, but it has one serious downfall. If a tortoise is ever flipped on its back side it’s nearly impossible to get right side up again. The clip showcases the giant tortoise exhibit at a zoo when one tortoise was flipped over. Thankfully, a second tortoise came to […]

This dog and this river otter are the best friends ever

Friendship knows no species and these two are a real proof of that! Rio is one very sweet and friendly dog who appreciate all living beings and it’s no surprise he has many friends in town, but his choice of BFF surprised even his owners. Every evening Rio gets a visit from his best friend, a […]

Blind Runner and Guide Survive Cancer Find Friendship

They May Look Like Average Women, But When I Heard Their Story? I Was INSPIRED! Abbey and Tessa share a special bond. They’ve done more than more than thirty endurance runs together — more than most of us can claim. But their deepest bond is that both of these incredible women are survivors of cancer, […]

Dog and Cow Are Madly in Love!

If you’re into animal and love stories, this one will be a real treat for you. Every morning, this Flat Coated Retriever runs over to the property line to greet and kiss his neighbor. It would be completely expected and normal scene if his neighbors were dogs or humans, but that’s not the case. Looks like […]

Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years Is The Most Heartwarming Video You’ll See Today

This is not a new story but it’s worth watching again and again! Baby elephant Jenny met twenty-year-old Shirley at the circus where they were both supposed to spend their whole lives and they immediately bonded. However, after one winter together they were separated.  Twenty-two years later they finally met again. Their bonding was immediate, intense and unforgettable. So amazingly touching!

This Might Just Be The Strangest Inter-Species Friendship You’ll Ever See

Friendships between animals and humans are pretty common, and they mostly occur with domestic animals. This friendship is far more unusual! Watch as a young boy befriends a stingray, and actually pets and feeds the stingray right out of his hand! Although most stingrays are not aggressive, the massive size of this stingray makes this […]

These unlikely friends will brighten your day and put on a smile on your face.

It never fails to be adorable when two animals, who are so different, become best buddies. Seriously, there’s nothing cuter than unusual interspecies friendships, and this next pair will melt your heart. Lacey the alpaca was abandoned at birth and grew up without a mother. Thankfully, a family brought her to their farm to raise […]

This Little Fox Is Reunited With His Best Friend. His Reaction Is Too Adorable!

At International Primate Rescue they have over 100 primates and now 2 Fennec Foxes. Rupert came to the shelter at just 4 weeks old. This video show’s him being reunited with his best friend William one of our cats. They became good friends when they were hand rearing Rupert and it’s wonderful to see how […]

Sick Puppy Returns Home From Doctor. What His Cat Friend Did For Him Will Amaze You.

Zeke just got home from the vet – being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. Winston the cat decided to take care of his ailing buddy. How beautiful is this?

This 7-Year-Old’s Reaction to Getting a Puppy Is the Greatest Gift of All

This is definitely my favorite Christmas present ever and it wasn’t even given to me! Elizabeth, a 7-year-old from New Jersey was volunteering at a pet rescue mission when she fell in love with one of the puppies. She was so heartbroken when they parted that even talking about the puppy brings her to tears. During a dog […]

These Friendships Prove That Anybody Can Get Along If They Try

What does your best friend look like? Do you count your fur companions among your best friends? Animals are big hearted creatures and they make the most loyal friends.  They have a knack for getting along with just about anyone, or rather any species. Even natural predators can come together, realizing that together things are so much better! […]

An INCREDIBLE Friendship That You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

Unlikely Animal Friendship – It’s one of the most powerful example of animal friendship. Buzz and Glenn were abandoned. Stray Aid Center rescued them. Glenn is completely blind, but he can see or do anything with the help of his best friend, Buzz. Watch and share this amazing story.