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She Wrote This Song For Her Mom, But If You Listen Closely To The Lyrics? I’m In TEARS

MOM’S SONG by Molly Kate Kestner You held me in your arms And promised to never let me go You’ve kept that little promise that you made 18 years ago. You watched me as I learned to crawl, tried to stand and took my first fall. but never left my side and helped me through it […]

I can’t stop laughing just imagining what Saturday mornings must be like in this household!

Here’s a video that’s guaranteed to make you feel a little better about your daily struggles…and crack you right up! If you think your life is complicated imagine adding 2 boys and triplets info your everyday life. Not working? Yeah, for me neither. But this awesome family totally NAILED it. They’re big family with two boys and triplets and […]