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Girl born without a face finds ‘sister’ across the world

It’s hard to imagine that any child would grow up feeling unwanted, but sadly, that was exactly the case for a young girl named Danica. Danica was born with a rare disease called Treacher Collins syndrome — a condition that affects the development of bones and other tissues in her face. At age six, a […]

Wife Surprises Husband With Gym Flashmob For His 80th Birthday

Whether it’s a choreographed dance or harmonized a capella, Dan has always loved watching flashmob videos on YouTube. So, in honor of his 80th birthday, Dan’s wife decided to make him the main star of his very own flashmob — only Dan had no idea what was about to hit him.

Stunning Amateur Johnnie Walker Commercial About Brotherly Love Will Give You Chills

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity and these two students are a real proof of that. German film students Dorian and Daniel didn’t have an extra large budget or super expensive equipment to make a movie, but that didn’t stop them from creating one of the best commercials ever. Their powerful Johnnie Walker commercial tells a […]

Adorable Irish Boy Will Melt Your Heart

Six-year-old Jake Dooley had the sweetest reaction when his mom, Teresa Dooley, gave him the news that his wish of becoming a big brother was finally coming true. Jake’s parents gave him a series of cards saying things like “I’m sorry I took so long to get here,” which Jake read out loud on camera. […]

Whisper Challenge Baby Announcement Will Make You Grin Like A Fool

Husband and wife, Alexa and Drew Goolsby, decided to announce their pregnancy to Alexa’s parents, Robert and Sharla Anderson, by playing the “Whisper Challenge,” a popular game they’d seen Jimmy Fallon play with his guests on The Tonight Show. The grandparents were given noise-canceling headphones and were told to guess what Alexa was saying.

He Thought They’re Making Just Yet Another YouTube Video, But She Had Awesome News To Share.

YouTubers Corey and Kristen were having fun doing a fun taste test challenge for their YouTube channel. It started easy, but Kristen decided to spice things up a bit. It took a little prompting from Kristen before he realized that the baby food was a hint of things to come. Corey could hardly believe it […]

These Little Girls Got An Amazing Surprise This Christmas

Finding and unwrapping presents is probably the most favorite part of Christmas for every kid (and most adults). We all know the drill – the greater surprise, the bigger smile. And while most kids expect toys, gadgets and candies, these little girls had a very unique wish – a little brother. Little did they know […]

Teen Builds A Playground for His Disabled Brother

Last year Hunter carried his little brother Braden on his back and walked forty miles to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. Sure, raising awareness about conditions like this is important, but Hunter knew that won’t change his brother’s everyday struggles. One of the big problems he was experiencing was the lack of playgrounds for disabled […]

Gay Man Tells Story When His Farmer Dad Told Him To Be Proud In 1950

Today, being gay really isn’t that big of a deal anymore. But that wasn’t the case back in the 1950’s. While growing up in the small farming community in Dry Creek, Washington, Patrick Haggerty realized he might be gay. But instead of being rebuked by his farmer dad, he was surprised when his father told […]

Beagle Meets the Baby

All new parents are naturally at least a little bit anxious when they first introduce the new baby to their family pet. You just can’t know how an animal will react. Scott Moore and his wife were a little nervous, so they waited a few months before introducing their baby to their beagle. Thankfully, the […]

Oh my, this is so fantastic! What a heartwarming video..

Have you made your mother smile lately? For his whole life, Corey Wadden‘s mom has always been obsessed with an old Saab she could never afford. After searching for months, Corey found the 1973 Saab 99 EMS on Ebay, and after even more time, he was able to finally purchase the car. Surprising his mom […]

Girls family has no idea they are part of the wedding proposal.

Australian independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs may have turned his lens on a variety of subjects, but he never made a video about his girlfriend, Bethia De Groot. When he decided to propose, Triggs knew a video was the answer. For their five-year anniversary, Triggs filmed their family and friends passing an imaginary item – he […]

They Were Separated As Babies. 30 Years Later? They Beat Unthinkable Odds…

Lizzie Valverde, 35, and Katy Olson, 34, had never met before introducing one another in their creative writing class at Columbia University. Both women had been adopted by different families and were actively pursuing their long lost sister when they met. What they discovered after a series of questions was that not only did they […]

Mom Gave Her Up As A Baby. 47 Years Later, She Gets Mom’s Phone Number And Makes The Call.

As a child, Teresa was told her birth mother had loved her but couldn’t take care of her – which had left her with deep-rooted feelings of insecurity. But after a new law recently came into effect, Teresa, now married with two kids, was finally able to get her original birth certificate which included her […]

The Reasons Why Brothers Love Each Other

What’s your favorite thing about your brother? In honor of Brother’s Day, check out this video and find out what these three sets of brothers value the most about each other. Even though brotherly love creates a unique and irreplaceable bond, you don’t need to have a brother to understand the importance of laughter, love […]

What’s One Thing You Want to Say to Your Mom?

We love moms. Who doesn’t? Let’s face it, they make everything better. They intuitively know if you’re sad, hungry, or just need a hug. In honor of Mother’s Day, SoulPancake hit the streets to ask people about one thing they want their mom to know – even if it’s something they’ve never said to her […]

She Shows Her Husband A Hand-Written Sign. But What It Says? Heartbreaking!

McKenna had something she wanted to tell her husband, but she didn’t want to take the traditional route. The result is a creative, interpretive, and totally improvised performance for her husband, and luckily, we get to share this moment with them. Each segment of her dance represents a different card she holds up, each with […]