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These Dancing Sisters Brought Me To Tears. Their Parents Should Be So Proud of BOTH Of Them!!!

Gracie and Quincy are two sisters that LOVE to dance. They won’t let anything stop them from doing what they love most, not even 9-year-old Gracie’s wheelchair! Sisters Quincy and Gracie Latkovski have been dancing together for years and want to inspire others through their dancing. Gracie, 9 years old, says that she loves dancing […]

A Story of Adoption – You Gotta Believe

You Gotta Believe is one of a precious few organization in the U.S that solely limits its practice to finding permanent parents and families for young adults, teens, and pre-teens in the foster care system. Over the past 15 years they have grown from a team of 3 to a team of 15 full time and […]

What’s One Thing You Want to Say to Your Mom?

We love moms. Who doesn’t? Let’s face it, they make everything better. They intuitively know if you’re sad, hungry, or just need a hug. In honor of Mother’s Day, SoulPancake hit the streets to ask people about one thing they want their mom to know – even if it’s something they’ve never said to her […]

The Reasons Why Brothers Love Each Other

What’s your favorite thing about your brother? In honor of Brother’s Day, check out this video and find out what these three sets of brothers value the most about each other. Even though brotherly love creates a unique and irreplaceable bond, you don’t need to have a brother to understand the importance of laughter, love […]

Papa gets a puppy

It was love at first sight! From the owner: “He has been begging my Grandmother for one for years, but my grandmother was resistant due to the mess and hard work that goes along with training a dog. After some convincing by her children and grandkids, my grandma finally gave in and let us find […]

Watch how this orphan reacts when she meets her new ‘momma’

It was an emotional scene as dozens of special needs children from China arrived to meet their foster families in Texas. Like every mom would, Audrey Shook spotted Lucy, 6, right away and from the moment they first met, there was an instant connection.

Couple Have The Cutest Reaction When They Learn They Are Grandparents To Be

When Justin Hall and his wife were finally pregnant and decided to break the news his in-laws in a special way. So Justin set up a camera to capture their reaction to the news that they were soon to be grandparents. Grandma and grandpa’s reaction is simply adorable.

So Very Awesome!!!

Most ultrasounds look like a blur of white, grey, and black. Usually, you need the physician to show you exactly where your baby is in the picture. But Jen Cardinal had a very clear ultrasound of her baby. It was so clear in fact, she and her husband and the doctor could clearly see the […]


No wonder this video is going VIRAL! Oh my God! On October 4, 2014, Danielle Williams had an ultrasound. The doctors told her and her husband Kyle they were expecting their second daughter. They couldn’t wait! They decided on the name Charlee. Then big surprise came.

Teen Carried His Brother For 57 Miles And Its Powerful Reason Will MOVE You!

Hunter Gandee Sunday and his 8-year-old brother Braden started their journey to accomplish a big mission. Braden has Cerebral Palsy, he cannot walk without assistance. Hunter piggybacked his brother for 57 miles to complete their challenge. Their mission was to make an awareness about Braden’s condition and to inspire people who are suffering the same […]

This story will touch your heart!

Verna and Jerry Kinersly have been happily married for 60 years. When Verna was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it became difficult for the couple to reflect on the cherished memories they share. Thankfully, they found a nonprofit called Keep Memory Alive at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. The organization […]

She Shows Her Husband A Hand-Written Sign. But What It Says? Heartbreaking!

McKenna had something she wanted to tell her husband, but she didn’t want to take the traditional route. The result is a creative, interpretive, and totally improvised performance for her husband, and luckily, we get to share this moment with them. Each segment of her dance represents a different card she holds up, each with […]

Girl Has The Cutest Reaction To Proposal Caught On Selfie Cam

Being proposed to is one of the most important and exciting moments for most people. This guy wanted to make his proposal to his girlfriend extra special, so he pretended that he was going to take a selfie of them together. But instead, he had his phone’s video recording so he could capture her adorable […]

Blind Grandpa Finally Sees His Wife Of 45 Years. His Reaction? I Cried Like A Baby!!

Thanks to a bionic eye and the doctors at the Mayo Clinic, a 68-year-old Minnesota man was finally able to see his wife of 45 years for the first time in 10 years. The device was implanted in Allen Zderad, and it’s called the “Second Sight Argus II” retinal prosthesis system. The emotional moment was […]

Oh my, this is so fantastic! What a heartwarming video!

Have you made your mother smile lately? For his whole life, Corey Wadden‘s mom has always been obsessed with an old Saab she could never afford. After searching for months, Corey found the 1973 Saab 99 EMS on Ebay, and after even more time, he was able to finally purchase the car. Surprising his mom […]

This is just the perfect example how small things matter!

This girl was given this dress when she was a little girl for “dress up” but her parents decided to keep it nice in the closet. She decided to wear it for her high school graduation prom night. It was her grandma Dottie’s prom dress from 57 years earlier and Grandma had no idea that […]

Darth Vader Helps Wife Tell Husband She’s Pregnant At Disney World

This happy couple dreamed about a baby for a long time. They’re also huge fans of all things Disney, so huge that they even had a honeymoon there! Three years after the honeymoon theywere able to return to most magical place on earth. And just at the right moment happy news arrived. Here’s what happy mom-to-be has to say about her experience leading […]

See Twin Strangers Meet For the First Time

Did you know that there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you? Twin Strangers, a social networking site committed to finding people’s twins all around the world is on a quest to prove this claim. Whole system is quite simple – you upload your picture and the site does the rest. […]