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This is why you should never ever fry Gnocchi

Gnocchi are delicious little puffs of doughy potato goodness that are traditionally boiled and then pan seared for a crisp outside and tender inside. Steve however decided to deep fry his gnocchi for some extra crunch. Except the stubborn potato puffs weren’t too happy about being in that hot oil and started to pop and […]

Steel Wool Sparklers Are Absolutely Gorgeous!

Everyone loves fireworks. They’re fun, they’re beautiful, they often leave us speechless and they are unavoidable during December and January. While most people will just go to the store and buy rockets and missiles to create and enjoy their private fireworks, Crazy Russian Hacker  went one step further and created his own sparkler using nothing but steel […]

Make Any Glove Work With a Touchscreen

The one problem we all encounter on our phones in the winter is the lack of touchscreen response when we are wearing gloves. But with this simple trick, you’ll be ‘liking’ and swiping all day with these touchscreen gloves. Not only you’ll find this little trick very useful, it’s also an awesome DIY gift that […]