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5 Incredible Uses for Old Light Bulbs

Lights bulbs are awesome. And not just because they provide us with the ability to see in the dark… There are so many amazing ways to re-use them to make art, survival gear, even kitchen tools. HouseholdHacker will show you how to properly take apart a light bulb and then we’ll get into the awesome […]

Best Mulled Wine Recipe

With its rich flavor mulled wine is probably the best winter drink. It is traditionally popular in Middle Europe and England but now spicy and fragrant mulled wine is well-known everywhere. Not only it’s extremely delicious and makes your home smell great, it’s also really simple to make. For the most basic version all you […]

How To Make Foam Dough

If you need to quickly entertain your kids, or just relive your childhood with some awesome tactile molding goodness, this project is perfect for you. Foam dough is quite simple thing to make. All you need is shaving cream, corn starch, and a bowl. And food coloring, if you want to make it more fun. […]

60-Year-Old Life Hacks Put To The Test

Old basements and attics might give you a certain level of creepiness, but they’re often full of hidden treasure. YouTuber named HouseholdHacker spend an afternoon digging through his basement and found some really interesting and long forgotten things. One of them was Science and Mechanics 1957 edition of 1001 How-To Ideas. He was wondering if […]

How To Make A Tiny Motorboat From A Juice Carton

Now that the kids are out of school they will most likely sit inside on the computer all day like the rest of us adults. But if you’re interested in at least trying to get the kids outside this summer, here’s a very cool and simple arts and crafts project to make a tiny toy […]

100-Year-Old Life Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

Sometimes is fun to dig around as you never know what you might find. Like these life hack inserts that were printed over 100 years ago in 1916. Sure, world changed a lot in last 100 years, but some things will never change. All of these hacks are just as good and useful  as they […]

Man Builds Natural Swimming Pool Pond

If you think that building a swimming pool in your backyard requires expensive contractors, or harsh and dangerous chemicals, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no need for expensive contractors, or harsh and dangerous chemicals. With only a very basic filter system running on solar power, the pool stays clean with help from the […]

Automatic Closing Patio Sliding Screen Door

Those who have pets and small children know how much they love to run in and out of the house in the summer, and how annoying it gets constantly opening and closing the door for them. Clan McArthur has stepped forward with this video to solve this annoyance. For just a few bucks for supplies, […]

Skinning A Watermelon Trick

Mark Rober is famous online for his unique tricks and optical illusions. In his latest video, he blew the minds of his nieces and nephews by apparently skinning a watermelon by just pulling the rind off the big melon. How did he do it? It’s simple actually, you just need to start with two watermelons […]

18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe Will Get You Drooling

Fried chicken is so American, that many people around the world instantly conjure up images of The Colonel when they read the dish on a menu. But food historian Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. explains that there were actually 18th century British recipes for fried chicken, and they were darn delicious.

Fun Lego Life Hacks

Everyone loves Legos, but there’s more you can do with the famous plastic bricks than just build toys. There’s so many useful household items you can make with an old Lego collection you have lying in your basement. Device holders, table protectors and coasters.. You can even make a board game! Here are 9 extremely useful […]

7 Genius Uses For An IRON You Have To Try!

Fewer and fewer people use irons as today’s culture becomes more and more laid back. Even business attire has gone casual. When billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg wear T-shirts and jeans, why should regular office workers wear suits and ties? To bring new life to the iron, Household Hacker explains seven life hacks to try using […]

Repurpose An Old Mint Container Into A Trendy Headphone Holder

This is one of those things that’s so simple that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Are your earphones always in a tangle? Turn an old mint container into the perfect storage solution. It’s the perfect size, doesn’t cost a thing, and can be easily attached to a purse, gym bag, etc. […]

Did you know you can make fruit roll-ups with only 2 ingredients and a blender? It’s true! I’m so making these today!

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t love fruit roll ups and other fruity, chewy snacks. But most parents hesitate feeding their kids those snacks as they are packed full of high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals. Thankfully, parenting blog Whats Up Moms demonstrates a super easy recipe to make homemade fruit roll […]

How to Make Coke Can Rose

This demonstration tutorial video shows a simple step by step guide for how to turn an empty Coke can into a red rose flower for your valentine, ready for valentine’s day. Shows you the template plans and origami needed for cutting, folding and rolling the aluminum soda tin into a beautiful Valentines gift for her. […]

How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds

This step by step guide shows you how to fold a shirt very quickly. Works on all short sleeved tops including t-shirts and polo shirts. Great tutorial and easy to learn. Someone taught me the technique last year, I’ve been told its a Japanese technique which dates back to the eighties, but who invented it […]

7 Money Saving Tricks: Dairy Edition

There are many ways to preserve dairy products… some might even surprise you. Check out these seven money-saving tips on the dairy items below, and maybe even learn something new in the process: Milk/creamer Cheese Butter vs. unsalted butter Greek yogurt Cream cheese Eggs The egg tip is simply awesome!

She Fills Candy Molds To Make Things All Kids Love. Genius!

Need a little something to liven up bath time?? These easy homemade bath crayons are the perfect answer! One of the tried and true things that kids seem to love in the bath are special crayons that allow them to draw on the walls around the tub (or even the tub itself). They clean up […]

This Is One Of The Coolest DIYs I’ve Ever Seen! How To Make A Smartphone Projector

Watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix and YouTube on your smartphone is great, but after a while looking down for so long can become tiring. If only there was an easy way to make your smartphone into your own movie theater… Well there is! With just a cardboard box and magnifying glass, BuzzFeed explains […]