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Rare, heartwarming footage of a wild baby sea otter snuggling with Mom!

This one is sure to melt your heart. Prepare for cuteness overload as you watch this wild born sea otter pup snuggling with it’s Mom. Despite being filmed in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a refuge for endangered sea animals, this is actually a wild sea otter who decided to swim in and give birth in […]

This Little Pony Found A New Best Friend. It’s Too Adorable!

Poor one-month-old pony Breeze was found abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. Luckily for him, the rescuers at Mare and Foal Sanctuary found him and nursed him back to health. There was still something missing for the lonely pony though – the love of a mother. What they did next was so adorable. They […]

Adorable Baby Dancing to Hip Hop Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

These days, kids are growing up with technology all around them. It’s no surprise many kids are learning how to use an iPad or computer before they can even talk. This cute baby can barely stand up on his own, but he that doesn’t stop him from turning the car radio way up! Crank it!

This boy is so adorably amazed with something we see every day.

Too often we take things around us for granted. But for a baby, everything is fresh and new and the whole world is full of wonderful surprises. Even the boring old grocery store can be a place of wonder and magic! This little guy was doing shopping with his dad when he first noticed that the automatic […]

Baby Turkey Chicks Jump All Over Loving Pit Bull

The pit bull is notorious around the world as one of the most ferocious and violent dogs. But that couldn’t be further from the truth as that stigma is mostly from pit bull owners who force their dogs to fight. To prove just how loving and kind a pit bull can be, Shay Israel recorded […]

Baby Miniature Horse Is The Tiniest, Cutest Thing Ever

Everyone knows that ponies are adorable. But then there are mini-horses who are arguably even smaller and cuter. And then there are baby miniature horses. It’s like they aren’t even real, but are cartoon characters. So precious! Sterling Bartow was lucky enough to hang out with a four day old baby mini-horse who loved to […]

Rupert the French Bulldog Is The Cutest Nanny Ever

Dogs are excellent nannies! They will do anything to make their babies safe and happy. And Rupert, the French Bulldog is not an exception. Just watch how much effort he’s making to keep his little human entertained! If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face today, I’m not sure what will.

Watch out, Mary Poppins! This dog may be the best nanny ever.

Meet Blakely, an Australian shepherd who’s working as a full time nanny at the Cincinnati Zoo’s nursery. It all started after Blakely was adopted from a local shelter when he was 8 months old. He was making company to an abandoned baby cheetah. Sure, the animal keepers could teach the baby how to use a bottle, but Blakely had a […]

She Sets Up A Camera While Her Baby Sleeps. What She Captures Will Take Your Breath Away!

This talented and creative mom is a blogger, author, and illustrator who lives in Helsinki, Finland. As self-described storyteller who loves writing and creating ideas, she found inspiration one day while doing laundry. When her daughter Mila was only two weeks old, she says she had a vision for what Mila might have been dreaming […]

Beco’s Tub Toy

So what kind of toy do you give a 600 pound baby elephant? All babies love balls, so why not try with that? Of course, one of the appropriate dimensions for a 600 pounds baby. Enrichment items such as Boomer balls are commonplace in zoos today. These toys and activities add variety and exercise to […]

Toddler’s Reaction To First Summer Rain Is Pure Magic

Everything is exciting and novel for a babies and watching them discovering how world is truly a magical place is the experience that will make you grin like a fool for hours. Don Swift‘s precious little baby Harper has been enjoying all of her firsts. As it was pouring last weekend, dad decided to go […]

Adorable Five Year Old Girl Performs ‘In Summer’ From Frozen On America’s Got Talent

CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD! Everyone knows Do You Want To Build A Snowman and Let It Go from the Disney smash hit Frozen. Frankly, the Internet is sick of both of those songs. But there are many other great tunes from the popular chilly cartoon. Little Heavenly Joy performed a delightful singing-tap dance performance […]

Mother Raccoon teaches kit how to climb a tree

You just have to watch this adorable video! It’s not just human moms who teach their young the important parts of life. Moms of all species teach their kids many critical skills to thrive. Jeffrey Reid was outside when he saw a mother raccoon pushing her young towards a tree. Upon further investigation, he realized […]

Cutest Birthday Surprise EVER

6 year old Brooklyn got the best surprise for her birthday.   After loosing two beloved senior cats, Brooklyn begged for a kitten for her birthday. Her parents told her no. However, her mom works in a veterinary hospital and attended an emergency C section on a persian cat. She had 6 kittens but over […]

An Animal Park Owner Comes Up With A Clever Way To Identify His Baby Owls. This Is Too Cute!

Owner Jay Brittain, 63, came up with the unique idea to distinguish the fluffy owlets from one another as they look so similar at birth and overfeeding them can be fatal. So workers at Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre have been painting the nails of each young fledgling using women’s nail polish since […]

So Cute! Panda asks for hug to get down from tree!

Giant pandas have been on the endangered species list for a very, very long time, but most people have no idea how unique these bamboo-eating bears really are. Panda bears are not just adorable fur balls who need our help to survive. Pandas are very lovable creatures who are a lot more like (some) humans […]

No Box Is Too Small, No Cat Is Too Big

Internet is made of cats and there’s a good reason why is that so. Cats can teach us quite a lot of things, like how attitude is that one detail that will make a difference, or in this case, how persistence pays off. Plus, they are unbearably cute! If this cat put a smile on […]