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8-year old Aidan Prince kills Major Lazer choreography by Tricia Miranda

Meet Adrian Prince – an 8-year-old dancing phenom. This pint sized wonder dances to Major Lazer’s song “Jet Blue Jet” in a video by choreographer Tricia Miranda. He’s really able to get the crowd excited by his fast and fluid movements.

A really beautiful example of projection mapping – just shows its power doesn’t it. Well worth a watch.

You’ve never seen a dance performance like this! Adrien M and Claire B put on an epic, one of a kind performance by merging dance with CGI, 3D mapping, and lights. You have to see it to believe it!

This guy is dedicated to making the world a more interesting, happy place.

For a fun art project, YouTube user icreatenovelty and his friend made a message on the sidewalk that only appears when it’s wet outside by using Always Dry. Don’t worry, it’s totally environmentally safe. So when it rains, passersby can see a secret message that says, “Stay dry out there.”

Uptown Funk Movie Dance Mashup Is Something You Can’t Miss

Just when you thought the Internet was done with Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, another video has exploded online featuring the the catchy beat. The mashup masters at What’s the Mashup ? took 100 famous movie dance scenes and put them all together to Uptown Funk. Epic!

Amazing Anamorphic Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

Anamorphosis is one of the most popular optical illusions in art history. Those images trick your brain into seeing a 3D object when the images are noting more than just a flat piece of paper. However, even tho the whole thing is as simple as printing the images, the results are fascinating! If you have any doubts, jump […]

Classic Movies Dance To Uptown FunkWill Make You Dance In Your Chair

This year will be remembered for a lot of catchy pop songs and one of the most memorable one is definitely Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. We’ve already seen countless parodies, covers and spoofs, but few are as popular and great as this one. They took who knows how long sifting through classic movies and […]

Anonymouse Children’s Book Encourages Kindness

What do a mouse and kindness have in common? This mother and daughter duo! Natalie adds kindness to the world by writing anonymous notes of gratitude and encouragement to people around her community. Like mother like daughter, Sophie, at age 7, followed in Natalie’s footsteps. Now, a few years later, Sophie has written a children’s […]

The Judges Thought They Were Too Old-Fashioned, But Then They Stood Up…UNBELIEVABLE!

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible type of dance from every possible type of dancer on a talent competition show, here comes a refreshing blend of classic and contemporary that’s unlike anything you’re used to. Wouldn’t you prefer this beautiful routine over “twerking” or street-style dancing any day?

Magician Wows Judges On Britain’s Got Talent With Amazing Card Trick

After so many years of singing and talent shows on television, most viewers and judges have ‘Got Talent’ burn out. So you really have to do something amazing to impress viewers. Magician Jamie Raven did just that when he took the stage of Britain’s Got Talent. His first trick of changing money was cool, but […]