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Fun Lego Life Hacks

Everyone loves Legos, but there’s more you can do with the famous plastic bricks than just build toys. There’s so many useful household items you can make with an old Lego collection you have lying in your basement. Device holders, table protectors and coasters.. You can even make a board game! Here are 9 extremely useful […]

Lawyer Quits To Become Master Lego Sculptor

Sadly, most of us at best can simply get through the day at work, while many passionately hate their job. Nathan Sawaya didn’t hate his job per say, but he was quickly becoming tired of the corporate law he practiced in New York City. After work, he would often take up art to relax. After […]

Storm Troopers Dance To Pop Songs On Britain’s Got Talent

Just when you thought the Internet had had enough with all those ‘Got Talent’ shows, this latest clip from Britain’s Got Talent showed up! Dance crew Boogie Storm dressed as Storm Troopers from Star Wars wowed the audience and the judges dancing to pop hits.

2-Minute Etch A Sketch Portraits You Have To See

The drawing toy Etch A Sketch has been a must have for kids of all ages ever since it hit toy stores in the 1960’s. But most of us can’t draw anything more than a box or a house. That’s what makes artist Christoph Brown such a unique man. Not only is he able to […]

Repurpose An Old Mint Container Into A Trendy Headphone Holder

This is one of those things that’s so simple that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Are your earphones always in a tangle? Turn an old mint container into the perfect storage solution. It’s the perfect size, doesn’t cost a thing, and can be easily attached to a purse, gym bag, etc. […]

Napoleon the Cat Will Instantly Make You Smile

This Tiny Little Kitten Wandered Up To A Man’s Front Door. Neither Of Their Lives Were The Same After That. Meet Napoleon, a very special little cat. His owner, Jesus Segura is a photographer and filmmaker – but it was never the job he thought he would be doing. Fate chose him when he found […]

Graduating High School Class Performs Epic Pop Music Dance Routine

Graduating from high school is always an exciting moment in a person’s life. But the ceremony, why does it always have to be so boring and dull? It’s like speech after speech, and then there’s another speech. Well the graduating class of Hawaii’s Kahuku High and Intermediate School decided to shake things up, literally. They […]

Flattening The Steep Hills Of San Francisco With Camera Trickery

San Francisco is famous for their extremely steep hills. Walking up and down these hills can be a serious pain. So Karen X Cheng had the genius idea to flatten the hills. With a little bit of camera trickery she and her friends made this mesmerizing video in which it is difficult to decipher what […]

Watch this unbelievable, two-year dance journey! I’m SPEECHLESS!

You’re never too old to learn something new — just ask YouTuber Neiland. He dreamed of becoming a dancer since he was a young child listening to Michael Jackson‘s music. He finally started his dance journey two years ago without any professional instruction.

Inspirational – Make Good Art

This video was created in order to inspire the “artists”, the creative, the adventurers, the people who do what they really enjoy doing (and for those who don’t, to keep searching), the creators … the “crazy” ones. To all the people who challenge the “status quo” in which society is based nowadays. And most important, […]

Stunning Recreations Of Sounds Of Nature Will Take Your Breath Away

Just when we started to think that people are finally bored of countless music talent shows, this video showed up and proved the completely opposite. Genadi Tkachenko is one very talented artist who  finally brought something new to talent shows. While most of other singers just take a song and sing it, he recreated the […]

How to Make Coke Can Rose

This demonstration tutorial video shows a simple step by step guide for how to turn an empty Coke can into a red rose flower for your valentine, ready for valentine’s day. Shows you the template plans and origami needed for cutting, folding and rolling the aluminum soda tin into a beautiful Valentines gift for her. […]