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1000 Musicians Cover Smells Like Teen Spirit Together

The Rockin’ 1000 is a group that gathers rock musicians from all over the world. As the name indicates, over a thousand musicians play and sing simultaneously at their concerts and they are always pretty amazing. Here’s their epic cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana in Cesena, Italy. Wow!

Watch Tiny Donuts Being Made in This Fascinating Video

Miniature things are objectively better. YouTuber Jay Baron aka Walking With Giants knows that so in his latest video he made tiny donuts in his miniature kitchen. What I love the most about these tiny food videos is that everything is to scale. He prepares his tiny food with tiny ingredients on tiny work surfaces with tiny tools in […]

First Grader Makes Ok Go Rube Goldberg Machine

Audri is a budding scientist and made his very own Rube Goldberg Machine. He accurately explains that an RG Machine is a complex machine that performs a simple task. Audri’s machine is especially impressive as he is only in the first grader. Appropriately, he plays OK Go while running and testing his machine.

How Hollywood Says I Love You

Romance is one of Hollywood’s greatest products, but how many ways can you express a love story? Apparently in many ways. MBelinkie cut up and mashed together a whole slew of love scenes from famous Hollywood films to create the ultimate I Love You message that he titled How Hollywood Says I Love You.

Man Who Lived On A Bicycle

For an average bicyclists, there are few more tricks than riding with no hands. But Leguigz isn’t your average biker. He’s a pro who’s been riding his bike for over a year straight through the streets of Montreal. You could say he literally lives on his bike, doing crossword puzzles, ‘sleeping,’ and even washing his […]

Epic Rube Goldberg Machine Just To Turn A Page

The whole point of a Rube Goldberg Machine is to complete as many complex tasks as possible only for the end result to be a simple undertaking by itself. Joseph Herscher shows us the epitome of a true RGM by using one in an everyday life situation — just to turn the page of his […]

The Pixel Painter

Ninety-seven year old Grandpa Hal Lasko has been working in graphic design ever since it was entirely done by hand. Long after he retired, his family introduced him to the classic Microsoft Paint. Ever since then, he spends around ten hours a day creating collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art one pixel at a time. […]

Mmmbop Cover Will Take You Down The Memory Lane

2016 is a special one for Hanson brothers. Mmmbop, a song that made them famous in 1997 is celebrating its 20th birthday. During one of the interviews about their anniversary this year the topic of covers came up. Brothers attributed the lack of “Mmmbop” covers to people not being able to sing the chorus right. “Most […]

Painted Dancers Will Take Your Breath Away

Dancers Jon Boogz and Lil Buck got painted by artist Alexa Meade to look like being set in an impressionistic painting. But when they start with their moves, you wish that your art class in school would’ve been that cool! „Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, who use dance to move people and improve […]

Hot Wheels Are Better Than A Roller Coaster Ride!

Every kid loves playing with Hot Wheels toy cars. Building intricate and complex tracks for the tiny plastic cars is half the fun. That gave 5MadMovieMakers an awesome idea. So they build an epic track, attached a camera to a Hot Wheels car, and let it loose. The resulting video is better than a roller […]

Mechanic Invents Rube Goldberg Style Breakfast Making Machine

They say in only a few years we will have robots in our kitchens that can help us cook. But 69 year old British inventor doesn’t have that much time to waste, so he decided to make his own Rube Goldberg Style breakfast making machine. It’s reminiscent of the ice machine Doc Brown made in […]

Couples Announce New Pregnancies With Adorable ‘Shut Up And Dance’ Music Video Spoof

John Murrays and his wife as well as Jon’s brother Aaron and his wife both became pregnant around the same time. Since he was so talented with a camera and computer, John decided to announce the good news to their friends and family with a music video parody of Walk The Moon’s hit single Shut […]