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Revel In The Merry Beauty Of This Town’s Holiday Gathering

Since the 1890s, the New England town of Ridgefield, Connecticut has played home to five Pulitzer Prize winners, a Nobel Laureate, two presidents of the National Academy of Design, famous Architects, Innovators, Authors, Actors and Musicians. Today, Ridgefield’s arts community is still thriving. With the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, The Ridgefield Playhouse, The Prospector Theatre, […]

Christmas Smiles Song Raises Money To Fight Cancer

15-yr-old Kate Diaz writes her own music and plays acoustic guitar at venues all over Chicago. For Christmas, Kate decided to write an original song “Christmas Smiles” and donated her entire December earnings to a cancer research charity called CureSearch.

USPS Chief Elf Answers Children’s Letters To Santa

Thousands of children each year send their wishes to Santa. Where do the letters really go? Do they get answered? Did you know there is a Chief Elf at the United States Post Office who help makes children’s holiday wishes come true? Pete Fontana reports directly to Santa as Chief Elf. For the past 21 […]

Owner of Dance School Gives Back with Dazzling Light Display

Walter Schalk has owned the Walter Schalk School of Dance for 56 years. With generations of students under his tutelage, some refer to him as the “Grandaddy of Dance.” The school, based out of Wilton, CT, has programs all throughout Fairfield County. The school just recently put on it’s annual “Holiday Spectacular,” featuring students from […]

Best Mulled Wine Recipe

With its rich flavor mulled wine is probably the best winter drink. It is traditionally popular in Middle Europe and England but now spicy and fragrant mulled wine is well-known everywhere. Not only it’s extremely delicious and makes your home smell great, it’s also really simple to make. For the most basic version all you […]

They Left a Piano on a Street Corner. Here’s What Happened.

To make holiday season a bit nicer SoulPancake team decided to put a piano on a street corner with holiday sheet music, and waited to see what would happen. The result: some incredible moments of holiday cheer as strangers played music and sang together.

This Heartwarming Holiday Commercial Will Melt Your Heart

If you aren’t yet feeling the holiday cheer this year, this Christmas commercial from Polish company Allegro is sure to raise your spirits. “English for Beginners” is the three-minute-long movie which shows an elderly Polish man attempting to learn English using a beginning language book and audio set. After naming every item around his home using Post-Its — […]

This Epic Indoor Snowstorm Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Face

Every parent knows how hard it is to keep kids entertained in the winter months. And while most parents will choose not-so messy and as-quiet-as-possible activities, some others, like this dad, will do everything what’s in their power to make sure kids enjoy winter to the fullest. While his family was sleeping Roman redecorated their […]

Sweet Dog Got The Best Christmas Present Ever!

Trouble is one really sweet dog who missed his owner very much while he was out of town. Even without his owner around he was still the best dogie ever and he definitely deserved his Christmas present. And what would be a better present for a dog like Trouble than getting back his human? You […]

High School Lunch Lady Wows The Whole Cafeteria With Her Singing

To celebrate Christmas, this high school had organized Teacher Karaoke during lunch. All of the school staff took their turns singing their favorite holiday songs. But no one expected anything that impressive from any of the faculty, especially from the boring old lunch lady. By the end of her rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, […]

Show someone they’re loved this Christmas

John Lewis released its first Christmas advert in 2007. Till 2011 they were cemented as the king of Christmas commercials and there’s a great reason why is that so. Their movies are heartwarming and beautiful and always with a great message which purpose is not to sell something but to make people all over the […]

Cappella Group Performing The Classic Christmas Songs Will Give You Goosebumps

These 5 incredibly talented men from capella group Home Free worked together for so long and they finally got the chance to record a Christmas songs that everyone has been begging to hear. Enjoy! Please share this gorgeous Christmas song with all your friends on Facebook!

Homeless man and twin daughters receive new home in time for Christmas

Like being a single father is not hard enough, Artis, a father of two wonderful girls had one more worry on his mind – finding a home for him and his two angels. After several tragedies in their life, family moved from Kansas City to Minnesota, hoping for a better life. Artis found a job, actually, he […]

Make Any Glove Work With a Touchscreen

The one problem we all encounter on our phones in the winter is the lack of touchscreen response when we are wearing gloves. But with this simple trick, you’ll be ‘liking’ and swiping all day with these touchscreen gloves. Not only you’ll find this little trick very useful, it’s also an awesome DIY gift that […]

100 Years Of Christmas Toys

Every Christmas has that one special toy every kid wants. And of course, there’s the one that stands on the top of the wishlist for the whole decade. With Christmas just around the corner, Mode decided to review the best toys from the past century that defined each generation. Which one is your favorite?