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Cat Asks For Breakfast In The Cutest Way Possible

Japanese YouTuber DekoniM‘s cat Earl is a cute kitty like so many other cats. But he has a very unique, and super adorable, way of asking for breakfast in the morning. Viewers just can’t get enough of the cute way he puts his paws together every morning to request his first meal with good manners. […]

Kitten Therapy Is Guaranteed To Cure Your Stress

Grown up life in the big city is nothing but stress. The deadlines, the traffic, the bills, the stress can be overpowering! To help people deal with all the pressures of living in such hectic times, Soul Pancake offered passersby free therapy. What the volunteers didn’t realize is that this was a special therapy session […]

Kittens Adorably Play In Grid Of Cardboard Boxes

Every pet owner knows how much their animal friends love playing in cardboard boxes. Japanese YouTuber and cat lover 9 Cats knows their cats and kittens simply love playing with boxes, so they set up a tight grid of tall cardboard boxes. The way the cats play is adorable!

Baby Has The Best Reaction Ever To Meeting Cat

It’s always a tense moment when the family pet meets the new baby for the first time. But thankfully, the Merkley Family‘s cat gets along with the new baby great. Just watch in this precious viral video as the baby literally freaks out in the best way when they bring the cat into her crib. […]

Napoleon the Cat Will Instantly Make You Smile

This Tiny Little Kitten Wandered Up To A Man’s Front Door. Neither Of Their Lives Were The Same After That. Meet Napoleon, a very special little cat. His owner, Jesus Segura is a photographer and filmmaker – but it was never the job he thought he would be doing. Fate chose him when he found […]

Cat Meets Fifty Dogs At Dog Show

CATMANTOO decided to take their cat Boomer on a cat leash to a large dog show. What transpired was hilarious. Nearly every dog had the same surprised reaction at first assuming Boomer was one of them based on his fur and leash and only up close did they realize he wasn’t just another dog.

Kitten ‘Dances’ To Uptown Funk

There’s no question that Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars is one of the unofficial songs of the last summer. Apparently, even pets love the catchy tune. In this adorable viral video, a cute kitten dances to the funky beat. Of course, the kitty’s human is most likely moving a toy back and forth to attract the […]

This Cat Enjoys The Life To The Fullest

All cats like windows. Some cats like cars. And this special one loves both. Rory is adopted cat who enjoys driving in a car with her owners and she does her best to enjoy those drive to the fullest. Just look at how happy and relaxed she is! Meet Rory this is @kelsseyyy adopted cat who […]