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Curiosity never killed the cat…?

Wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago travels around the world photographing nature and animals, especially cute cats. In this adorable video, a stray kitten instantly befriended him as he visited Japan’s island of Okinawa. The cute little ginger kitten didn’t wait a moment to snuggle on his head and into his lap. Awww.

Distraction alert: Cat meows in water!

This super sweet cat have to be bath regularly and just as other cats is not happy with it. McLovin obviously knows baths are good for him since he’s not trying to avoid them, but that doesn’t stop him from protesting in the most adorable and funny way. Here’s a bit of background story from the […]

No Box Is Too Small, No Cat Is Too Big

Internet is made of cats and there’s a good reason why is that so. Cats can teach us quite a lot of things, like how attitude is that one detail that will make a difference, or in this case, how persistence pays off. Plus, they are unbearably cute! If this cat put a smile on […]