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Experience Autism At The Cafe

Autism is a disorder that affects countless people, yet most have no idea what those who struggle with the restrictive condition go through. Carly Fleischmann has non-verbal autism, making even the simplest forms of communication difficult. Simple endeavors, such as enjoying a coffee at a cafe with the family, can quickly become a difficult and […]

Father Emotionally Explains What Down Syndrome Is

Robb Scott was at the store when he heard a father and son talking. The son asked his father what Down Syndrome is and the father answered that it is an illness. Robb’s son has Down Syndrome and he wanted to say that the condition is anything but an illness. After he missed the opportunity […]

Adorable Toddler Falls In Love With Snow White At Walt Disney World

As everyone with an autistic person in their lives knows that one of the most obvious side effects of the disorder is the difficulty to connect with other people. Mother Amanda Coley knows this too well with her two year old son. But she was thrilled when they visited Disney World when Jack apparently fell […]

Speechless with Carly Fleischmann Is Something You Have To See

Have you ever heard of Carly Fleischmann? You may have seen the incredible story. For most of her life, her parents, family, and even doctors assumed she was mentally retarded and would never lead a normal life. She exhibited extreme symptoms of autism and wasn’t able to even say one word But one day she […]

Autism Angel Carly Fleischmann Will Touch Your Heart

This is the amazing story of a little girl with autism and how the dedication and perseverance of her parents changed not only there lives but the lives of countless others who will view this story. Carly’s parents realized she was falling behind at age two. She was diagnosed with severe autism, and, together, the […]