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Curiosity never killed the cat…?

Wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago travels around the world photographing nature and animals, especially cute cats. In this adorable video, a stray kitten instantly befriended him as he visited Japan’s island of Okinawa. The cute little ginger kitten didn’t wait a moment to snuggle on his head and into his lap. Awww.

Baby Turkey Chicks Jump All Over Loving Pit Bull

The pit bull is notorious around the world as one of the most ferocious and violent dogs. But that couldn’t be further from the truth as that stigma is mostly from pit bull owners who force their dogs to fight. To prove just how loving and kind a pit bull can be, Shay Israel recorded […]

Baby Miniature Horse Is The Tiniest, Cutest Thing Ever

Everyone knows that ponies are adorable. But then there are mini-horses who are arguably even smaller and cuter. And then there are baby miniature horses. It’s like they aren’t even real, but are cartoon characters. So precious! Sterling Bartow was lucky enough to hang out with a four day old baby mini-horse who loved to […]

Watch out, Mary Poppins! This dog may be the best nanny ever.

Meet Blakely, an Australian shepherd who’s working as a full time nanny at the Cincinnati Zoo’s nursery. It all started after Blakely was adopted from a local shelter when he was 8 months old. He was making company to an abandoned baby cheetah. Sure, the animal keepers could teach the baby how to use a bottle, but Blakely had a […]

This Bear Found A Bale Of Hay In The Wilderness. What He Does? Adorable!

Play is an important part of life for any animal (and even for humans). No matter how big or how wild the animal, they still feel the need to take a few minutes out of their day to decompress and relaxation. Playing around is one of the best ways for them to achieve that. In […]

Strange… but true! Chickens sneeze too!

This video was unearthed on Reddit and has since gone viral. The chicken lets out a mighty achoo that isn’t what you would expect. It turns out that sneezing is actually a common veterinary complaint of backyard chickens. Make sure your speakers are turned on… And prepare to laugh. Oh my.

Connection Between This Dog And His Horse Is Amazing!

This is “Annie”, a young quarter horse mare (registered name Orphan Dun It) and her friend Cookie, (a white lab) playing together. Notice the communication in their respective languages. These two animals have similar personalities (playful, curious, and kind) it’s no wonder they get along so well. As soon as Annie came out of the […]

This Mama Elephant Spent 11 Hours Rescuing Her Baby Elephant Stuck in Well

This is the heart-wrenching moment a mother elephant desperately tried to pull her baby from a well. The determined mum refused to leave her calf, staying with the youngster for 11 hours, first using her trunk and then her feet in a bid to haul her precious baby to safety. Unfortunately the frantic mother elephant […]

Moose Family Jumps For Joy When A Woman Saves Them From Alaskan Heatwave

Check out this remarkable moment of human kindness. A moose with her two calves cooled off on a hot Sunday afternoon when Eagle River resident Candice Helm turned on her sprinklers. “They just strolled around the house and looked really hot,” Helm told local news station KTUU-TV. “So we turned on the sprinklers and they […]

Mother Raccoon teaches kit how to climb a tree

You just have to watch this adorable video! It’s not just human moms who teach their young the important parts of life. Moms of all species teach their kids many critical skills to thrive. Jeffrey Reid was outside when he saw a mother raccoon pushing her young towards a tree. Upon further investigation, he realized […]

An Animal Park Owner Comes Up With A Clever Way To Identify His Baby Owls. This Is Too Cute!

Owner Jay Brittain, 63, came up with the unique idea to distinguish the fluffy owlets from one another as they look so similar at birth and overfeeding them can be fatal. So workers at Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre have been painting the nails of each young fledgling using women’s nail polish since […]

Elephants Make Yearly Trip Through Hotel To Eat Mangos

When it comes to elephants and their food – nothing stands in the way. Not even a hotel. Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia happens to have been built next to a mango tree owned by a family of elephants. Generations have been visiting this tree every year when the fruit ripens. After the hotel was built […]

So Cute! Panda asks for hug to get down from tree!

Giant pandas have been on the endangered species list for a very, very long time, but most people have no idea how unique these bamboo-eating bears really are. Panda bears are not just adorable fur balls who need our help to survive. Pandas are very lovable creatures who are a lot more like (some) humans […]

Every Morning, This Boxer Goes Through A Ridiculous Routine Before He Wakes Up

If you’re not a morning person, you’ll understand. There is nothing so hard as leaving your bed early in the morning. No matter what time it is, it’s always too early and there is just no way to stop thinking about those few more minutes you could have spent snuggling with our pillow if only […]