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Artist PAINTS Without SIGHT

John Bramblitt is an award winning, internationally recognized painter, whose work is displayed in over 30 countries. Also, John is blind. After losing his sight, John developed a new way to share his vision by using touch, music, and emotion to paint stunningly colorful works of art. For those who thought that painting was only […]

Beautiful Frozen Lake Free Dive

Nature is really amazing and the video you’re about to see captures that perfectly. Under the icy cloak of the Canadian winter, Matthew Villegas finds himself in an aquatic wonderland as he free dives to the depths of Morrison quarry, in Quebec, Canada. Images he captured are stunning.

Worlds Best Yoyo Tricks Of 2016

Yes, yoyo is still a thing. The Wind Up put together this compilation of the best tricks on a chord in 2016. Some impressive moves among them! “The skill, the beauty, the creativity and the fun, we tried to showcase the breadth of modern yoyo play from all over the world and how much it […]

Elephant Plays With Galaxy Note Tablet

There are plenty viral videos of animals using touch screen devices, but none as big or seemingly intelligent as this one. In this video, Peter the elephant uses a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet computer with impressive precision for such a great animal. Peter even does some touch screen ‘painting’ like we’ve seen other elephants do […]

Social Experiment: Standing Blind In Central Park

This is a very emotional trust experiment performed by Karim Sulayman. On November 19th he stood in Central Park West with a blindfold on and a sign in hands and a larger one in mind: we are all people, no matter where we come from and what we look like. So he trusts his fellow […]

This Story About The Power Of Music Is Something Everyone Should See

A while ago we talked about a movie named Alive Inside. It’s a a joyous documentary showing the real power of music and how music can reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity. Plenty of people were inspired by this video and Emily, a 20-year-old is one of them. Here is her story: Emily has […]

This Jam Session Is Out Of This World

It all started with one guy playing guitar and singing on the street, but soon transformed into a magical moment with three strangers jamming together like they’ve been playing together for years. And they sound AMAZING! I hope these guys get together some day!  

Edible Balloon

With the help from science, chefs today can create amazing unique and delicious dishes that just a few years ago would be impossible. A great example of this is comes from Alinea Restaurant where their chefs created a very special, and yummy, edible balloon. The balloon ‘shell’ is made with special sugars and filled with […]

East Coast Of America From Space

This video from NASA was taken by the crew of Expedition 30 on board the International Space Station. It features an impressive sky high view of Central America and the United States east coast. Large cities like New Orleans, Washington DC, and New York City can be easily identified by their intense light emissions.

Dog Working At Vet Clinic Is Super Adorable!

One veterinary clinic takes pride in its unconventional desk assistant. Even though it’s totally unnecessary, this dog loves to help around the office. When the secretary prints out a receipt, she and her buddy come running forward and obediently wait for the paperwork. Once all stapled and folded the secretary gives it to the helpful […]

Italian Pizza Chef Gives His Guest The Best Birthday Gift Ever

There is nothing so heartwarming as hearing a wonderful voice when you’re really not expecting it. And that’s just what happened to Nicole and her friends while they were celebrating her birthday in the Stage Door East Deli and Pizzeria. Wow!

45 Cute Dog Tricks

Like so many dogs and their owners, adorable Jasmine and her human friend love to work on tricks together to post on YouTube. In this amazing video, titled 45 Cute Dog Tricks, Jasmine the puppy performs a slew of dog tricks, such as doing the laundry, ringing a bell, and even clean up her toys.

Man Gets Up Close With Gorilla

While on safari, Brandon David’s dad had an extremely up close and personal experience with a great gorilla. While touring the jungle with his group, they all stopped to watch a large gorilla relaxing by a tree who seemed just as interested in them as they were with him. Suddenly, Brandon’s dad attracted the attention […]

Cowboy Catches Bike Thief Western Style

A 9-1-1 operator in Eagle Point, Oregon recently answered got one of the weirdest call of her career. She got a call from Robert Borba, a 28-year-old rancher, from a Walmart parking lot, where he’d just caught a man stealing a bicycle. “I got him roped and tied to a tree!” he told the operator. And no, he wasn’t […]