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Irish Dancers steal the show, at a wedding in Tipperary, Ireland

Two ladies stole the show by Irish Dancing at a wedding In Ireland… UNTIL they were joined on the dance floor by the BRIDE and GROOM… A video from the wedding of a former “Riverdance” pro has gone viral. The video filmed by the groom’s brother shows a full troupe of professional Irish dancers giving […]

When These 5 Mischievous Boys Took The Stage, No One Expected THIS!

Now here’s a video that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face! They spin, they dance, they act silly — you can tell they’re having so much fun up there, and I love to see how confident they are in front of their peers. It’s no surprise that Nigel, Dylan, Matt , Elias and […]

Oh my, this is so fantastic! What a heartwarming video..

Have you made your mother smile lately? For his whole life, Corey Wadden‘s mom has always been obsessed with an old Saab she could never afford. After searching for months, Corey found the 1973 Saab 99 EMS on Ebay, and after even more time, he was able to finally purchase the car. Surprising his mom […]

They Were Separated As Babies. 30 Years Later? They Beat Unthinkable Odds…

Lizzie Valverde, 35, and Katy Olson, 34, had never met before introducing one another in their creative writing class at Columbia University. Both women had been adopted by different families and were actively pursuing their long lost sister when they met. What they discovered after a series of questions was that not only did they […]

Marine is Reunited With Puppy He Saved While in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Jacob is on active-duty, a hero who continues to protect our freedoms and our lives. When he found Jax, only a puppy at the time, he knew he couldn’t leave him to fend for himself in the harsh and potentially dangerous streets of Bagram, Afghanistan. He had to save one more life before going […]

Funky Flight Attendant Is The Best flight attendant ever!

Everyone is getting their groove on to the new hit single Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Charlie Sierra‘s sister is a flight attendant, but she did more than just serve her guests on one flight. Before takeoff, she entertained the passengers with a quick dance to the catchy, funky song. Best flight […]

Kansas City Police Officers Perform Electric Slide At Flash Mob

A flash mob broke out in the Westport entertainment district this afternoon as revelers celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. But this one started with dancing police officers! The police are on extra alert whenever a holiday like St. Patrick’s day roles around to make sure the festivities don’t go too far. But the Kansas City Police […]

Connection Between This Dog And His Horse Is Amazing!

This is “Annie”, a young quarter horse mare (registered name Orphan Dun It) and her friend Cookie, (a white lab) playing together. Notice the communication in their respective languages. These two animals have similar personalities (playful, curious, and kind) it’s no wonder they get along so well. As soon as Annie came out of the […]

I Wasn’t Sure Why She Was Dancing In The Street, But When I Saw Where She Was? CHILLS!

Adrianne Haslet-Davis was one of many people whose lives changed on April 15, 2013 when bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. She lost part of her left leg, which would be devastating enough for anyone, but it nearly cost Adrianne her career. She was a ballroom dance instructor and relied […]

This Homeless Man Steps Up To The Microphone And Blows EVERYONE Away

Doug Seegers is a man in his sixties, and up until recently he only knew life on the streets. He lived and played music on the streets of Tennessee for 17 years. Then, in 2012, a fellow musician and friend posted a video of Doug on YouTube playing a song he wrote called ,”Going Down […]

Disabled Performers Form Cover Band to Raise Awareness

Are you in the mood to dance, let loose and listen to an awesome cover band? Check out The Advocates, a 12 person performance group from Stockton, CA. The Advocates, consisting of mentally disabled performers, have been making audiences dance, sing and boogie the night away to since 2007. The Advocates are spunky, fun, full […]

It Was Just A Regular Wedding Dance…Until “Uptown Funk” Came On. EPIC! I’m Floored!

At first glance, this was just like any other wedding: the bride was wearing a beautiful dress, the groom was wearing a dapper tux, and everyone looked pretty darn happy. Then Bruno Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk” came on…and things got epic.

The Judges Thought They Were Too Old-Fashioned, But Then They Stood Up…UNBELIEVABLE!

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible type of dance from every possible type of dancer on a talent competition show, here comes a refreshing blend of classic and contemporary that’s unlike anything you’re used to. Wouldn’t you prefer this beautiful routine over “twerking” or street-style dancing any day?

Magician Wows Judges On Britain’s Got Talent With Amazing Card Trick

After so many years of singing and talent shows on television, most viewers and judges have ‘Got Talent’ burn out. So you really have to do something amazing to impress viewers. Magician Jamie Raven did just that when he took the stage of Britain’s Got Talent. His first trick of changing money was cool, but […]

You Can Plant This Children’s Book And It Will Grow Into A Tree!

Imagine sitting under the glaring sun reading a book without a tree for shade. According to Green Peace, every two seconds, an area of forest the size of a football pitch is lost due to logging or destructive practices. Publishing company Pequeño Editor created a hand-stitched children’s book made from acid-free paper, ecological ink and […]

Unbelievable Footage of Exploding Plants

This will blow your mind! Nature is truly amazing. Most of us are used to seeing the ‘helicopter’ style seeds of a maple tree or the seeds of a dandelion flutter in the wind. But there are many more plants in the plant world with even more unbelievable ways of spreading their seeds. The Smithsonian […]

It just goes to show you, folks: Miracles do happen. Never stop looking out for them.

Buddy and Mary Ann Sones have been married since March 3, 1982, but Buddy hasn’t been able to wear his wedding ring for over 30 years. One day, while cleaning catfish in the backyard of his Mississippi home, Sones dropped the ring and lost it. He and his wife have been looking for the gold […]

She Jumped On Stage And Immediately Stole The Show. Keep Your Eyes On Her Cute Little Feet!

Audrey Dethrey is a vibrant, 6-year-old girl living with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) — a life threatening bone marrow disease. Despite her disease, which often causes her to be worn out and in pain, Audrey doesn’t let it slow her down. Audrey and her family want to spread awareness about DBA, in hopes that one […]

This Airline Has The Best Lost and Found Strategy. Find Out Why.

KLM Airlines found a genius way to reunite people with their lost items using an adorable dog to track the owners down. Although there are some news outlets claiming it’s just a commercial and it isn’t true, we love it anyway. Judge for yourself. From KLM Lost and Found team: “Yes, it’s a lot of […]