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Dog And His Human Save Each Other

This is a fantastic story of a man and his best friend, a rescued pit bull. He was recovering from addiction and she was so shy she hid from him at first. But when they went outside, everything changed, and it set both their lives on a course of exploration and joy. I’ve adopted several […]

Fearless Free Falling Females

What are you most afraid of? New experiences? Small spaces? Heights? Meet the Joy Riders, an all female, international skydiving and base jumping team. They represent joy, passion, inspiration, and work to motivate their audience to go after what they want most in life. Check out this awesome video so you you can experience what […]

World’s Most Extreme Zipline

In case regular ziplining is too boring for you, HighGround Adventures Nepal has now unveiled the world’s most extreme zipline. The course, which is one of the world’s steepest, tallest and longest ziplines, has a vertical drop of 600 meters and reaches a top speeds of up to 140 kmph. Wow!

Biker First Person View Racing Through Urban Obstacle Course In Columbia

Marcelo Gutierrez is a famous Columbian biker, and is the fastest Pro rider in the country. To really show the level of his skills, he wore a camera during an urban obstacle race through tightly packed city of Manizales, Columbia. He speeds down stairs, through narrow corridors, and even ends with a sweet jump.

Four Year Old Has The Best Time On First Aerobatic Flight

Most kids would be terrified to go on an aerobatic flight. But not Raphael Langumier‘s daughter. The Canadian pilot is a pro, and after being begged by his four year old, he agreed to take her out on her first crazy flight. Her laughter is simply infectious.

Adventurer Hikes From Canada To Mexico

Have you ever sat in your car during rush hour traffic to and from work and just dreamed of leaving it all behind? Most of us have. But Skoop Boys actually did it! He quit his job last year to go backpacking from Canada to Mexico. This is his journey. If you can’t go adventuring, […]

Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave – Uli Emanuele

Uli Emanuele pilots what is possibly the most technical and difficult BASE jump ever. For the past 3 years Uli has been dreaming about and preparing for what could be a world record jump. While wearing a wingsuit, he based jump off of the edge of a mountain and gracefully flew through a small, cave […]

Here’s What Happens When You Let Internet Plan Your Cross-Country Road Trip

Here’s a nice story: Last summer Daniel Altman decided to quit his job and travel the country. After he posted his decision on Reddit he met Benson Quach, a guy who agreed to travel with him and be his cameraman. They didn’t really have a plan so they did the most logic thing to do – when […]

The Way This Man Is Dealing With Tragedy In His Life Will Leave You Speechless

Meet Khiv Raj Gurjar, the world’s finest exponent of “extreme yoga”. On November 4, 2014, Khiv lost his son, grandson and wife in a road accident. Ever since, he spends an hour each day doing up to 45 yoga poses on his bike – while perched on the edge of a vertiginous 300 foot cliff. He said: […]

Freerunning Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

Think you’ve seen all the freerunning and parkour there is to see out there? Well you haven’t seen anything like this! Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns teamed up with Red Bull to perform some truly epic and mind blowing jumps and tricks that will leave you wondering which way is up and which way is […]

Snowboarding Through Times Square During The Blizzard

The East Coast blizzard has interrupted the everyday life for cities such as New York, but that didn’t stop one man from having his fun in the inclement weather. While most of the city went into hibernation, Casey Neistat and his crew decided to make the best out of the situation. and took to the streets […]

Epic journey through 2015 from high up in the sky to deep below the sea and everything in-between will take your breath away

2015 sure went by fast. We’ve seen countless amazing images and viral videos over the past twelve months and without any doubt, some of the coolest videos are the ones taken on GoPro cameras. Here are the best of the best.