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Adorable Baby Twins Play Peekaboo

All around the world, most babies simply love peekaboo. But they usually need an adult to hide and then pop out yelling peekaboo to play. The baby is never the one to hide. But Ann D‘s smart twins have figured it out. In this precious clip, the two play peekaboo together, and apparently entertain themselves […]

Cat Asks For Breakfast In The Cutest Way Possible

Japanese YouTuber DekoniM‘s cat Earl is a cute kitty like so many other cats. But he has a very unique, and super adorable, way of asking for breakfast in the morning. Viewers just can’t get enough of the cute way he puts his paws together every morning to request his first meal with good manners. […]

American Kids Try Breakfasts From Around The World

In America, countless children start their day with a delicious bowl of cereal and milk, and maybe some fruit juice and toast. As every commercial says, “It’s part of a complete breakfast.” But around the world, kids eat much different meals for breakfast. So how will American kids react to tasting a very different breakfast […]

Why Moms Get Nothing Done Is Adorably True

It’s been said many times before but bares repeating: being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Not only are you responsible for the life of a baby, but you are often in charge of keeping the house in order as well. And once the baby becomes a toddler… oh my… It […]

Owner Pranks His Dog With Subsequently Smaller Boxes To Sit In

Most pet owners are aware that dogs and cats simply love a nice cardboard box. They seem so comfortable being boxed in by the walls. One Japanese YouTuber decided to prank his cute dog by giving him subsequently smaller boxes to sit in during a car ride. The dog’s reaction is adorable as he tries […]

Pet Duck Is Adorably Excited When Kid Comes Home From School

Most kids who are lucky enough to get a pet have a dog or cat. May be their parents compromised and only got them a hamster or a parrot. But super cool mom Jamie Toschi got her son a Rouen Duck. Nibbles the duck seems to be an awesome pet as he gets super excited […]

Four Year Old Has The Best Time On First Aerobatic Flight

Most kids would be terrified to go on an aerobatic flight. But not Raphael Langumier‘s daughter. The Canadian pilot is a pro, and after being begged by his four year old, he agreed to take her out on her first crazy flight. Her laughter is simply infectious.

Adorable Four Year Old Becomes UPS Driver For A Day

Little Carson has been obsessed with the UPS man for most of his life. Now, he has become best buddies with his UPS deliveryman Mr. Ernie and simply loves all things UPS. In the cutest promotional video ever, UPS decided to give Carson a special surprise by making him an honorary UPS deliveryman for the […]

2-year-old And Garbage Man’s Special Bond Is Priceless

It’s not so easy for young toddlers to make friends. You can’t blame them, they’re stuck at a stage in life where the only thing that matters is themselves. But the USA TODAY reports that little Deacon Ross has made his first friend. The adorable two year old simply loves his garbageman. Sadly, the family […]

Horse And Baboon Are Unlikely Best Friends

Baboons and horses live together at an animal sanctuary near Western Cape, South Africa, but there’s one horse and baboon who more than just tolerate each other. The two have become best friends reports Barcroft TV. The Internet always loves an unlikely animal friends story.

Kitten Therapy Is Guaranteed To Cure Your Stress

Grown up life in the big city is nothing but stress. The deadlines, the traffic, the bills, the stress can be overpowering! To help people deal with all the pressures of living in such hectic times, Soul Pancake offered passersby free therapy. What the volunteers didn’t realize is that this was a special therapy session […]

Silly Horse Adorably Splashes In River

Anna Paterek was riding her horse Magic through the woods when they approached a calm river. Magic was simply terrified of the water, and refused to step foot into the stream. So Anna dismounted and took him to the edge of the water. Then, she softly splashed in the water with her foot to show […]

Little Girl Lets Her Pet Cow In The House

This little girl really loves her pet baby cow. When her mom wasn’t looking the five year old let the calf into the house to relax with the family dog. Eventually mom walked in and found the indoor pet party. Thankfully, instead of yelling at her, she just recorded the cute scene for the Internet […]

Adorable Beagle Is The Best Babysitter Ever

Charlie The Beagle is one special puppy. Some may remember that the cute dog went viral last summer when he stole a toy from the baby of the family, and profusely apologized afterwards. That cute clip has over 16.5 million views! Now, this adorable video showcases just how good Charlie is with the family baby. […]

Little Boy Cries Because He Wants To Be President Instead Of Hillary Clinton

The media was buzzing when Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for president in 2016. But little Zeke was crushed by the news. He broke down in tears and exclaimed that he wanted to run for president instead of Hilary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=346zJUUA4i8

Kittens Adorably Play In Grid Of Cardboard Boxes

Every pet owner knows how much their animal friends love playing in cardboard boxes. Japanese YouTuber and cat lover 9 Cats knows their cats and kittens simply love playing with boxes, so they set up a tight grid of tall cardboard boxes. The way the cats play is adorable!