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Tiny Kitten Training With Mini Obstacle Course

Most obstacle course contests are for dogs, but what about our feline friends? Cats are definitely trainable, but you have to start when they are still kittens. This Tonkinese kitten at 5.5 weeks is getting a good head start practicing on this adorably miniature obstacle course.

Cute Toddler Says Bye To People Going Down Escalator

YouTuber ForTheLoveofChloe was at the Copley Place mall in Boston, MA with their daughter when they happened upon a descending escalator. Friendly Chloe ran up to the glass wall and waved saying good bye to all the people going down. Nothing can cheer you up like a happy toddler waving, and everyone naturally smiled and […]

Little Boy And Huge Iguana Eat Kix Cereal Together

Little Logan loves Kix like so many other kids, and nothing is better than having a bowl with your favorite family pet, Buddy, the enormous rhinoceros iguana. Buddy usually has a diet of strict veggies, but mom (who knows best, of course) made an exception to record the adorable shared breakfast.

A Pony And His Beloved Teddy Bear Reunite After Being Apart For 3 Years

A while ago we posted a video of a pony named Breeze who lost his mother and found a comfort in his new best friend – a teddy bear named Buttons. They were instantly inseparable. But Breeze grew up and got older. He’s now part of a large herd and recently reunited with his former companion. […]

Dad Built An Awesome Ninja Warrior Course For His Daughter

Lylah is only five years old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t already start training for American Ninja Warrior. She’s been a fan of the athletic competition show for a while so her father decided to help her out. He built her the most amazing training course in their backyard for Lylah to climb. The video […]

Cheetahs Best Friends With Children

A game of tag might be tricky for these toddlers because their best friends are the world’s fastest land animals – two deadly cheetahs. Tiny one-year-old Kayla and her brother, three-year-old Malan, have formed an extraordinary bond with the two creatures after growing up with them in their home. The pair think nothing of sharing […]

Golden Retriever And Kitten Are Adorable Best Friends

Is this the world’s most adorable animal friendship? These are the adorable photos of an abandoned kitten who has become best friends with a doe-eyed Golden Retriever. Five-year-old hound Keelo found an unlikely feline friend when owner Trisha de la Paz, 26, found tiny kitten Koda abandoned in a bush near her home. The pair […]

Puppy Has The Best Reaction Ever When He Sees The Dog Park

Scrattie is one really amazing dog. He loves driving in a car with his owner no matter where they go. But, he’s a dog, and his favorite destination is, of course, the dog park. In this super adorable video, Scrattie had no idea where he and his owner were going. Check out what happens the […]

Hilarious Windblown Cat

Roman Wilde was watching an amusing video of a long-haired cat getting a blissful blow dry when he realised it was missing something – a soundtrack. The soundtrack, the look on the face of the cat, the slowmotion – it. is. purrrrrrfect! Thanks you, Roman Wilde for putting this together on spot.

Little Kid Blames Batman For The Mess

It’s difficult to find a kid who never drew on the walls of the house at least once. It’s basically a child’s right of passage. So even though Laura Hopkins wasn’t happy when she found her son had used her mirror as a drawing board, she wasn’t shocked. But it was all worth it as […]

Hamster Takes On First Level Of Super Mario Brothers

The first level of Super Mario Bros. just might be the most famous scene in gaming. It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t taken on the classic level at least once. It’s a favorite online of fans and has been recreated countless times. But this might be the first time an adorable little hamster has […]

Jason Derulo And James Corden Dance With A Toddler As Their Instructor

Back in the day, all that mattered to be a famous musician was if you could sing or not. That is no longer the case. Pop stars have to be able to sing and dance, all while looking picture perfect. Jason Derulo is one such pop star. For a fun gag, while James Corden hosted […]

Toddler’s Hysterical Laughter Is Adorably Infectious

There’s always that one kid that thinks something is funny. But soon, the entire room is rolling with laughter. That’s exactly what happened at a Sara Shonfeld Musical Minds class when one toddler caught a case of the giggles. Soon everyone was laughing!

Little Flower Girl Adorably Runs In The Background During Wedding Ceremony

The moment when the bride and groom are reciting their vows and promising to only have each other is one of the most dramatic and emotional parts of a wedding. But right at that moment, one little flower girl ran in the background, chased by her apparent guardian. Even the priest couldn’t help but say, […]

Baby Twins Makes Breakfast Difficult For Dad

Every parent knows that twins are double the cuteness and double the fun. What a blessing. But they are also double the trouble. Sure, when they are newborns dealing with the double crying, diapers, and feeding is difficult. But once the little tykes learn to move you are in serious trouble. Just watch this dad […]