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Dogs Are Adorably Blown Away By Magic For Dogs

Dogs have a special connection with mankind. They are one of the few animals that understand pointing. So how will dogs react to a simple magic trick? Magician Jose Ahonen performed a simple disappearing treat trick for a bunch of dogs and their reactions are simply hilarious. They can’t say a word, but it’s obvious […]

A Girl Obsessed With Sloths Gets Surprised With A Sloth

Everyone has their favorite animal. For Stephanie, it’s – a sloth. Her obsession with sloths goes so far that it almost took over her life. After probably years of talking about sloths and sloths only, her friend decided to give her a surprise of her lifetime. He set up a fake video shooting to get […]

Woman Gets Hug From King Penguin

Jamie just loves sea creatures, so for her birthday her husband took her on a trip to Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. There is a special ‘get close with the penguins’ exhibit where Jamie was blessed to meet a very special and affectionate king penguin, Johnny Five, who wanted a hug. Super adorable!

Tiny Kitten Training With Mini Obstacle Course

Most obstacle course contests are for dogs, but what about our feline friends? Cats are definitely trainable, but you have to start when they are still kittens. This Tonkinese kitten at 5.5 weeks is getting a good head start practicing on this adorably miniature obstacle course.

Toddler’s Reaction After First Taste Of Root Beer Is Priceless

Posting kid’s firsts is very popular and we’ve already seen first tastes of lemons, avocado and probably most of foods. Kids usually freak out from the sour sensation. Little Noah’s parents also wanted to record his first, but not lemon. Noah got his first root beer, and he’s very excited about it!