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Her Quadruplets Never Noticed Each Other…Until This VERY Moment!

YouTube user Firewife23 turned on the video camera at just the right time to film her adorable quadruplets. Watch in delight as one brother and his three sisters notice each other for the very first time. Can you imagine how excited Mom was when she captured this on camera?! Their laughter is contagious — once […]

Little Kid Adorably Reacts To Evidence That Santa Visited

We all once knew the big secret every kid knows – Santa is real and Christmas is his busiest time of the year. He travels around the world, visits every good kid and delivers wonderful presents to all the good boys and girls. Archie knows that too. He was a good boy the whole year and was waiting […]

This Adorable Chef Toddler Cracks An Egg Better Than Most Adults!

Most parents shudder at the idea of their kids playing with eggs, especially their toddler. But Tony Quarella and his wife aren’t your average parents. They decided play to chef with their adorable little 16 month old daughter, and gave her an egg expecting a major cleanup to follow. Instead, she cracked it perfectly into […]

This Little Pony Found A New Best Friend. It’s Too Adorable!

Poor one-month-old pony Breeze was found abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. Luckily for him, the rescuers at Mare and Foal Sanctuary found him and nursed him back to health. There was still something missing for the lonely pony though – the love of a mother. What they did next was so adorable. They […]

Cute Baby Mimics Doorstop In The Most Hysterical Way

Don’t you envy how babies can make just about anything fun? This cute baby has got a serious case of the jitters, but the reason for it is absolutely hilarious. The happy baby boy can’t help but imitate his new favorite toy, a vibrating door stop. When you see how he shakes right along with […]

This Cat And Pig’s Unlikely Friendship Will Make Your Day!

Who says a cat and a pig can’t be friends? Eleanor Pigby loves her friend Edith. Ellie is a 5 month old mini potbellied pig. Right now, she weighs about 13 pounds, but it will take 3-4 years for her to grow all the way- and she could be 100 pounds or more, like a […]

Adorable Toddler Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candle

A baby’s first birthday is exciting for the parents and grandparents, but the baby really isn’t aware of what’s going on. The second birthday is really a lot more fun for everyone as the toddler finally has some grasp of reality. Ashleigh Williamson and her husband gave her cute son a cupcake with a candle […]

This Must Be The Cutest Driver Ever!

Everyone loves seeing a dog acting like a human. But this isn’t a picture or cartoon, this is real life! Jessica Wolf‘s dog Daisy is apparently a lot smarter than other dogs. Just watch as she drives Jessica’s son Oliver around in their electric toy car. Don’t worry, mom controlled the accelerator, but still it’s […]

Adorable Baby Dancing to Hip Hop Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

These days, kids are growing up with technology all around them. It’s no surprise many kids are learning how to use an iPad or computer before they can even talk. This cute baby can barely stand up on his own, but he that doesn’t stop him from turning the car radio way up! Crank it!

This boy is so adorably amazed with something we see every day.

Too often we take things around us for granted. But for a baby, everything is fresh and new and the whole world is full of wonderful surprises. Even the boring old grocery store can be a place of wonder and magic! This little guy was doing shopping with his dad when he first noticed that the automatic […]

Apprehensive Chicken Hugs Boy After Making Sure It’s Really Him

With animals, communication is all done through body language. After getting a hair cut, little Mason came home and wanted to say hi to his favorite chicken. But the chicken wasn’t too sure at first. That’s not the same boy I remember the chicken seemed to be saying after slipping out of Mason’s arms. But […]

Beagle Meets the Baby

All new parents are naturally at least a little bit anxious when they first introduce the new baby to their family pet. You just can’t know how an animal will react. Scott Moore and his wife were a little nervous, so they waited a few months before introducing their baby to their beagle. Thankfully, the […]

Curiosity never killed the cat…?

Wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago travels around the world photographing nature and animals, especially cute cats. In this adorable video, a stray kitten instantly befriended him as he visited Japan’s island of Okinawa. The cute little ginger kitten didn’t wait a moment to snuggle on his head and into his lap. Awww.