This Story About The Power Of Music Is Something Everyone Should See

A while ago we talked about a movie named Alive Inside. It’s a a joyous documentary showing the real power of music and how music can reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity.

Plenty of people were inspired by this video and Emily, a 20-year-old is one of them. Here is her story:

Emily has been working at retirement home for more than a year and knew this is her chance to make a difference. She started a Musical Memories Program, a program to rekindle joyful memories and big smiles for her residents.

Earlier this year she asked social media for help to collect as many used IPODS/MP3s as possible  to allow as many residents the opportunity to enter he pilot program.

All selected residents and their families were interviewed and Emily created personalized playlist for each person. Since then, music has been presented to them on a daily basis and this is their journey so far.


Few words from Emily about this amazing project:

What does music mean to YOU?
Dear friends and family, I have been working on this life changing project for many months and am proud to finally share my experience. Music plays a big part in our daily lives, this program has proven it! I now know what I was put on earth to do. Please SHARE this video so we can spread the word and help others reconnect with their MUSICAL MEMORIES.

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